About Dr. Shagufta Feroz and SLP

Credentials and Achievements

  • M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S (Family Medicine)
  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship, University of Arizona, USA
  • PhD (Holistic Nutrition) USA
  • PhD (Integrative Medicine) USA
  • Certified in Nutritional Wellness (American Naturopathic Certification Board)
  • Certified ” Lifestyle Modification Tools ” Harvard University, USA
  • Certified ” Leadership for Physician Executives ” Harvard University, USA
  • Member American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Member European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation
  • Member Asian Society Lifestyle Medicine
  • NES Scan Certified(UK)
  • Founder / CEO Integrative Holistic Care Centre
  • Author of ” Living as Nature Intended “
  • Founder of SLP (Synchronised lifestyle modification Program)

SLP | Synchronised Lifestyle Modification Program

Dr. Shagufta Feroz SLP Synchronised Lifestyle Modification ProgramSLP is about correct eating for all age groups, all medical condition and even for patients on tube feeding. Biorhythms are the balance sensors of a human system about the functions of various vital organs, they warn us about incoming ailments and by connecting with them we can work on preventive holistic health. Biorhythms are dependent on liver and for healthy liver we need harmony in biorhythms therefore both are interdependent.
SLP uses nutrient dense, high calorie natural foods in satisfying portions to create a harmony. SLP 8 Rules of Correct Eating are the basis of all food plans. Natural or an ordinary food is organized to work on positive, preventive, therapeutic and regenerative health. It is not a dieting plan, and is not based on calorie count and portion control of the foods. It is an individualized, body compatible dietary program which has no side effects if followed correctly. SLP helps in weight and size management, cure of chronic allergies, asthma and skin diseases. It helps in the good control and cure of diabetes, hypertension, chronic arthritis, liver disease, stomach disorders, IBS, neurological disorders and even cancers. It helps improving a child’s general health, learning disorders, autism and all other medical problems. SLP helps you in attaining mental and spiritual peace. It Slows ageing process especially mental and besides improving general well being it helps improving relationships and behavioural health at home and work environment.

Important components of SLP are:

  1. 8-Rules of Correct Eating.
  2. Induction of Sound Night Sleep.
  3. Personal Stress Management.
  4. Individualised Physical Activity / Correct Exercise.
  5. Integrative Therapies Especially Laughter Therapy.

SLP Videos