Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What do you mean by Correct Eating?

A-The process of correct eating involves, correction of eating habits and mode of eating. 8- rules of correct eating improve liver function and create homeostasis in the internal environment. Both of these factors are responsible for good health, management and reversal of a disease. Mode of eating comprises the eating rituals or mindful eating.

Q- Why you focus on liver health?

A- Liver is most important organ, doing about 600 functions in the body and 25 new functions of liver are discovered every year. Our holistic being is absolutely dependent on the liver health for it’s survival. As SLP improves liver health all bodily ailments start responding.

Q- What are these biorhythms.

A- Biorhythms are those chemical systems which maintain a balance in the human body. They start functioning the day we are born and keep functioning till the last breath.

Q- How liver and biorhythms are interconnected.

A-These chemical sensors are kept in balance by liver by providing them with the compatible nutrients. In order to get optimum holistic health, our regulatory sensors and liver should be in a healthy state and in a good coordination as well. They are interdependent for optimum holistic health.

Q. How important is food for a human being?

A. Food gives us energy and maintains life. Nutrients of foods are responsible for our external appearance, health of skin, weight, physical stamina, temperament and attitude. So we are what we eat. The state of health is effected 50% by food, 20% by environmental factors, 20% by stress and 10% by genetic factors.

Q. Can food items used daily become a medicine for human beings?

A. Yes, routine foods taken in the correct amount, the correct combinations, at proper timings and compatible to body chemistry, become preventive and therapeutic foods. Table foods used for remedy are called theraeutic foods.

Q. How important is it to have an awareness of body chemistry?

A. Every second countless chemical reactions are going on at our cellular levels, which are responsible for our health. Slight changes in body chemistry gives different symptoms. If we listen to our body very carefully, we can register those signals and can treat them accordingly.

Q. Should we take a calorie check diet in order to avoid obesity and other chronic ailments?

A. Rules of SLP are sufficient for weight management and prevention of disease. We only need short plans of calorie counted diets when we have an ideal metabolism, otherwise low calorie foods make us unhealthy.

Q. What is the ideal weight reduction per week?

A. Ideal weight reduction is 2 to 2.5 pounds per week, if chemistry is balanced and you are not carrying medical issues.

Q. What is the role of weight reducing medicines?

A. All these medicines work temporarily and show effective weight reduction but most of the individuals regain twice their weight when they stop the treatment.

Q. Which is the most important weight regulating factor?

A. Unhealthy dietary routine with poor quality foods taken in wrong combinations.

Q. How important are natural supplements?

A. Natural supplements are absorbed maximally and give energy only when body chemistry is balanced. We need natural supplements to protect us from the bad effects of environment, pollutions and stress.

Q. What is meant by metabolism?

A. Metabolism is a summation effect of functions of the Immune system, Neurological system and Endocrine system. Therefore disturbed Metabolism means disturbance of functions of these three systems.

Q. What is a toxin?

A. Toxin is any thing which has harmful effects on our body. Toxins enters our body through food, water and air.

Q. How important is the temperature of your feet?

A. This is one of the most important body rhythms, if you have cold feet most of the time it indicates the slowing of your metabolism and leads to low physical and mental immunity. Just by warming your feet, you can improve your chronic allergies, arthritis, delayed healings, anxiety, depression and obesity.

Q. Why is it important to have high quality night sleep?

A. High quality night sleep is required for body rejuvenation and it delays aging as well. Researches have proven that early and healthy breakfast and 6 to 8 hours of night sleep adds eleven years to life.

Q. What is junk food and its effects on health?

A. Foods which are composed of white flour or refined white sugar and are fried or baked in hydrogenated vegetable oils are called junk foods. They provide empty calories and cause a deficiency of essential minerals which leads to disturbed levels of insulin and eventually metabolic syndromes.

Q. How often can we eat junk food?

A. If five days a week you follow a healthy diet then you can take junk food twice a week but not on two consecutive days.

Q. What is the importance of fresh juices?

A. Fresh fruit juices are not very healthy because they make body very acidic and lack fiber, only whole fruits are healthy.

Q. Why is constipation so common now a days?

A. Wrong food combinations, intake of processed foods, incorrect meal timings, lack of use of Indian toilets (it promotes the squatting position which facilitates the colon emptying) and a sluggish liver are major causes of constipation.

Q. What is the importance of intake of plenty of water?

A. Water should be taken according to body type, it should be at room temperature and there should be no water intake with meals. Excess of water taken in an incorrect manner leads to water retention which further leads to different ailments like hypertension, constipation or watery motions, incontinence of urine, bloating of body, shortness of breath, weak joints, depression and flabby muscles etc.
Q. Is it true that we should go for intuitive eating and should listen to our body ?

A. Once you have a chemically balanced body then you can go for intuitive eating.

Q. What is the difference between food addiction and cravings?

A. Food addiction is a physical or mental dependence on food for the sake of pleasure and indicates chemical imbalance. Cravings indicate natural chemical adjustment of the body for the sake of health. When body is chemically balanced there is no food addiction and less cravings.

Q. How do we know that we have balanced Biorhythm?

A. A person with bright eyes, glowing skin, regular bowel habit and pleasant mood has balanced Biorhythms.

Q. How do we define Holistic Wellness?

A. Holistic Wellness requires a balance of various aspects of a human being. These human aspects are physical, mental and spiritual. Holistic Wellness is your own responsibility and you are the only person who can make the lifestyle decisions that contribute to it.

Q. How does a Personalized lifestyle modification helps in attaining Holistic Wellness?

A. Because it improves dietary habits, introduces correct exercise, gives relaxation and improves night sleep, the outcome is homeostasis and a healthy liver leading to a holistic wellness.

Q. Can you give us a crash diet plan?

A sample seven days crash diet plan is

During this 7- days plan take tea without cane sugar, Green tea (GT) with honey three times a day. Use only white non-processed butter for stir frying of vegetables or marinated meat. Everyday food type is restricted but no check on the quantity of the foods taken. Divide every day’s food options into pre-breakfast, breakfast, snacks and dinner and take fat burning soup FBS in between. On days 1, 3, and 4 take mix fruits for pre-breakfast and on days 2, 5, 6 and 7 take plain or warm honey water for pre-breakfast PBF.

DAY 1: Take only mix fruits, tea, green tea, FBS 6-8 cups

DAY 2: Take mix vegetables in steamed or stir fried form, baked or boiled potatoes or
potato cutlets can also be taken. Tea, green tea and FBS 4-6 cups

DAY 3: Take mix vegetables with potatoes, mix fruits, tea, green tea and FBS 4 cups

DAY 4: Take 3-4 dates or 1-2 banana with a glass of warm milk (with cane sugar) or
milk shake of same fruits 4 -6 times, tea, FBS 3 cups

DAY 5: High protein intake— beef, mutton , desi chicken, fish, prawns . Tea, green
tea, FBS once

DAY 6: High proteins and mix vegetables, tea, green tea and FBS once

DAY 7: Baisin or maki (corn) roti or brown rice with mix stir fried vegetables. tea,
green tea, FBS once

FAT BURNING SOUP ( FBS ) ( for 8 cups of soup )

Ingredients- 2 medium onions, 1 capsicum, 2 tomatoes, 10 – 15 mint leaves, one small cabbage, ginger, garlic, 4 pc of desi chicken or 3-4 bony mutton pc., salt, pepper, lemon and soy sauce for seasoning.

Direction- Prepare yakhni first and then add vegetables and boil for 15 more minutes and add seasonings, once the soup is ready take only clear soup .

Q. What are the side affects of crash dieting?
Crash dieting leads to many side effects in the body which are:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Weakness and lethargy
  • Decreased attention span
  • Lowered self esteem
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia
  • Compulsive eating and rebound obesity
  • Hypertension and heart disease
  • Ulcers and constipation
  • Gall and kidney stones
  • Anemia and numbness of limbs
  • Dizziness
  • Dry skin and skin rashes
  • Irregular menstrual Cycles
  • Infertility
  • Gout