SLP Diet For Dengue

Dr. Shagufta Feroz SLP Diet For Dengue

SLP Diet For Dengue

Before starting following any of the SLP Food Plans, the first step is to watch these two videos to understand that what is SLP and how can we follow SLP Food Plan.

SLP 8-Rules of Correct Eating

Secondly learn and understand 8-Rules of Correct Eating. which are the basic principles of this food plan, without understanding the rules you will not be able to follow the plan.

SLP Diet For Dengue

Dengue virus is very fatal fever, it falls in the category of very chronicle diseases. Patients suffering from dengue should be diagnosed on time, otherwise any delay in the treatment may lose the life of the patient. Dengue virus occurs due to bite of a specific mosquito and it is a very viral infection. There are huge amount of patients raised in Asian continent who are suffering from dengue virus as per global statistics. In the whole world dengue has become very famous and the ratio of people affecting from dengue is very high.

You may be amazed that hundred million people become the victims of dengue and India is on top in that list. The common symptoms of dengue through which it is observed that one is suffering from dengue are nausea, headaches, joint pain, high fever, vomiting and pain behind eyes. Till current date, there are no vaccinations found out for dengue prevention so dengue is treated with allopathic medicines so far such as paracetamols or analgesics etc. As everyone is aware that dengue virus is fatal disease, so the person having the symptoms of dengue should be admitted to hospital as soon as possible for effective treatment.

The healthier foods are added in the diet plan of dengue patients as patient gets very weak after having heavy dose medicines and less food. In that condition, the diet for dengue patient should include healthier foods such as oranges, papaya, herbal tea, coconut water, juices of vegetables, soup and fruit juices etc. For the quick recovery, doctors suggested very healthy diet for dengue patient as it will surely help the patient for quick recovery. Dengue treatment requires the patient to take heavy doses due to which the amount of food will be less and they become weak. There is no specific treatment for dengue virus is created or any other vaccines.

You should consult to doctor if you think you are suffering from dengue virus, they will guide you better to cure your disease. Dengue is an infection and a very fatal disease. Take pain relievers with acetaminophen but not the medicines with aspirin. Consult the best doctor, take rest as much as you could as it is very necessary for you in that condition. Drink vegetable juices, plenty of fluids and eat healthy foods. As the amount of patient who are infected with Dengue virus is increasing, so there should be a vaccine which prevent dengue to infect human body. So it’s all upon you to take care of yourself and protect yourself from Dengue virus.

There are necessary precautions to get you protected from dengue. You need to adopt these precautions so that dengue will not infect your body and we can stop dengue killings by adopting these precautions. To prevent illness from dengue environmental management of mosquitoes and personal protections of human being is very necessary. Stay in air conditioned or well-screened housing, use mosquito repellent, reduce mosquito habitat and wear protective clothing to save yourself from dengue infection.

This plan is for a patient suffering from dengue, and it has to be followed for 5-7 days:

  • 25-30 raisins for the pre-breakfast (within 2-3 minutes of waking up).
  • For breakfast Yogurt, or desi daliya with milk or egg or yogurt or yakhni.
  • Three hours after breakfast fresh apple juice with one table spoon of lemon or natural apple vinegar.
  • For lunch brown rice khichiri with yogurt or wheat daliya with shorba.
  • Three hours after lunch mix fruits especially papaya,grapes and anar can be taken.
  • For dinner again take khichiri with yogurt or wheat daliya.
  • Half a cup of green tea with shaker has to be taken three times a day after the meals.
  • Boiled potato, corn, yakhni and cheese are also helpful.
  • Food should be cooked in white butter or desi ghee.
  • Take Darood sharif charged (dum karke) water to overcome fear.