SLP Foods Pharmacy

Dr. Shagufta Feroz SLP Personalized Food Plans

The health store at Integrative Holistic Care Centre is the only one of its kind in a medical setup. This store facilitates the patients to buy the food starter packs to start their SLP treatment. It provides them with few natural foods like raw butter, raw milk, free range chicken, organic eggs, Himalayan salt, raw sugar, honey, bio li chi energy bar, whole grain cereal, four grains atta, desi chicken kababs and keema, mutton kababs, concentrated yakhni, brown rice, nuts, seeds, green tea and naturally ground red chilies, coriander and turmeric (haldi) powder.

Natural foods does not have additives like food colours, flavourings, antibiotics, sweeteners or hormones. In a poll, majority of the customers has indicated that the food which has a term natural with itself does not contain any artificial ingredients. In your whole life, eat natural foods it will not let you get bored or feel unhealthy.

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