Eyesight Improvement Workshop

Dr. Shagufta Feroz Eyesight Improvement Workshop

Single session Personalized Eye sight improvement workshop based on principles of Bates method. After learning the eyesight improving method you are suppose to practice it about five minutes daily to improve further or stop the further deterioration of eyesight.

Personalized Eyesight Improvement Workshop

Picchls have helped lots of people to improve their eyesight through our various techniques, private sessions, classes and workshops. Your eyesight will get a boost once you start attending our workshops as loads of people have got benefit from our authentic techniques of improving your eyesight. In our workshops, you will get noticed about how to get relieved from shortsightedness, long sightedness, squint, wandering eye, got rid from visual stress and old age-reading blur. You will learn how to improve eyesight of yours, we not only cure the patient but we allow the customer to get noticed from his/her disease completely. For that matter, you have to attend our workshops regularly in which we will teach you how to tackle your eye sight problems. We will teach you about lots of eye exercises through which you will learn about how to keep calm in your everyday activities and how our eye exercises will help you in getting better and better. There are several exercises to make your eyesight normal such as eye glasses, drops for eye etc. Our exercises are very effective and surely help you to improve your eyesight. There is yoga for eyes to make your eyes feel comfortable and relax, it will definitely prove effective for your eyesight. As you know that yoga is used to relieve your lower back pain or neck stiffness, so yoga can also prove useful for eye related issues.

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