SLP Ramadan Food Plan

Dr. Shagufta Feroz SLP Ramadan Food Plan

Introduction to SLP Ramadan Food Plan

Before starting following any of the SLP Food Plans, the first step is to watch these two videos to understand that what is SLP and how can we follow SLP Food Plan.

SLP 8-Rules of Correct Eating

Secondly learn and understand 8-Rules of Correct Eating. which are the basic principles of this food plan, without understanding the rules you will not be able to follow the plan.

SLP Ramadan Food Plan

People suffer from few specific ailments especially after the month of Ramadan, which are stomach problems, general weakness, bloating, palpitation, insomnia and weight gain etc. I believe that the objective of a fast is to give you holistic health and give rest to those organs which are working 24 hours especially the digestive tract. Remember putting a single drop of water in mouth actives your whole digestive system. Unfortunately in our society this month has turned into a food festival month, and we eat huge amount of junk foods which are mainly composed of white flour products baked or fried in cooking oil. So instead of being cleansed, liver is overloaded with transfats, and other toxins. These dead junk foods pollute inner chemical environment, apply a block to mind, body, soul connection, and you will be deprived of fasting spiritual benefits.. If you are looking for some enlightenment or real peace, and physical health in Ramadan do follow the given plan. Before starting this plan you need to understand the SLP 8-Rules of Correct Eating and an SLP Adult Food Plan. For best results follow correct timings, food combination and food rotation. People who are already following SLP can fix their plan according to the Ramadan rules, and select the aftar foods from the Ramadan plan. Your prescribed Pre-breakfast and breakfast will become pre-sehri and sehri. If you have less time then don’t take pre-sehri and start with four table spoons of sweet or salty yogurt or lasi. If you are a weight watcher, eat very little aftari and directly have dinner. Many people replace dinner with aftar foods and fall sick after Ramadan. People having multiple doses of medicines are suppose to consult their doctors before fasting. If you are going to follow SLP Ramadan Plan for the first time do share your experiences after Eid and share this plan as much as you can with your family and friends for better healthcare in this holy month. Try to sleep at least 2-3 hours at night to get maximum benefits out of this plan.

SLP Ramadan Eating Schedule

  2. SEHRI
  3. AFTAR


  • Within first 2-3 minutes of waking up, only if there is an interval of 45min. between waking up and azan. For pre- sehri you need to sleep at night otherwise take sehri directly and skip the pre-sehri. If you are following SLP take pre-breakfast as pre-sehri otherwise select from the SLP adult food plan. Choose four options and take one option a day and follow a rotational pattern. If you wake up one hour before, then 30 minutes after first pre sehri take yogurt or lasi and 5 to 10 minutes later sehri can be eaten. If you do not sleep then skip first pre sehri and start from water and yogurt.
  • Water intake is before sehri, therefore you can take 2-4 glasses between pre-sehri and sehri.
  • Tea can be taken 5-10 minutes before taking sehri meal.

Within one hour take breakfast, if cannot manage then take a second PBF, within this gap 1-2 glasses of water can also be taken.


  • Do not take bakar khani, pheoni, pratha in sehri. Take roti or whole wheat bread with egg, kabab, potato cutlets or bhujia, cheese, butter, honey, salan or yogurt on a four days rotational plan. Aloo ka pratha is better than the plain pratha, it can be taken only twice a week. If you do not feel like eating heavy meal, you can opt between wheat daliya, milk shake, yogurt shake, yogurt and shaker but do take a very fulfilling sehri.
  • Do take few sips of green Tea with little shaker after the sehri.
  • No water and tea after the sehri. Patients with various ailments can take the medicines after food with little water.


Avoid white flour products and do not mix sweet and salty foods together.

  • If break your fast with sweet foods like dates, fruit chat, milk drinks, juices, lasi, shakes, cold coffee or lemonade then take your dinner after 30-60 minutes. Water or tea has to be taken before dinner. Take salty aftari with your dinner or break your fast with salty foods like pakorey, chana chat, dahi barey but no dates and drinks. Now fruits or desserts will come three and half hours after the dinner. Few pakorey fried in desi ghee give energy, so take them with dinner.
  • Do not skip dinner because eleven months you body is in a habit of taking dinner. If you want to enjoy aftar parties only two days a week skip dinner and take a heavy aftari (pakorey, chana chat, dahibarey, kababs, cutlets, chicken, sandwiches, noodles or pasta).
  • Frying should be in the mustard oil or desi ghee.


Routine meal which means roti or fried rice with salan, yogurt and kachumar and then little green tea with shakar.


If awake for 3-4 hours after the dinner then can take warm milk with shakar, mix fruits, dessert or mix nuts before sleep.


You have to take about 12-18 glasses of water in summer and about 10-12 in winter, and avoid taking water with or after the meals.