4th – Lifestyle Medicine Course Certification

Lifestyle Medicine Training Centre LMTC will be organizing 4th Lifestyle Medicine Coach Certification 50 hours course on 1st  April to 6th April 2019. There will be a compulsory two hours course orientation session on Sunday 31st March at 3-5pm. Enroll before 9th March, get detailed information by calling at following numbers:
0334 4239530, 0321 8439362. 
Email: drsferoz@gmail.com

LMCC Course Dates:

  1. First HHC Course Dates: From 25.07.16 To 30.07.16
  2. Second HHC Course Dates: From 11.12.17 To 16.12.17
  3. Third LMC Course Dates: From 12.11.18 To 17.11.18
  4. Fourth LMC Course Dates: From 01.04.2019 To 06.04.2019

CME Dates:

  1. First CME Date: 15.05.17
  2. Second CME Date: 09.04.18
  3. Third CME Date: 19.11.18

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