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A Comparative Lifestyle Observational Study of Four Nationalities

This year I got a chance to travel to USA, UK, and Thailand from 17th June to 13th August 2013. This trip was of academic interest besides holidays. In June I got a chance to do a lifestyle modification certification course from Harvard University. Later I had a brief tour of best USA universities like MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, and few more in California State. The enlightening aura of these prestigious institutes have energized my mind and soul. During this eight weeks period I compared the lifestyles of various cultures. My definition of Lifestyle is composed of, a person’s dietary habits, his amount and quality of nocturnal sleep, stress management and routine exercise. Below is an account of that observational study which encompasses comparison of above mentioned factors and few more lifestyle factors as well.

 American lifestyle

I found that Americans have worst eating habits, they eat mostly processed foods and are very casual about eating habits especially breakfast. They take ice cold water and juices with meals which I think is a strong disease causing factor. They take coffee with food especially with their breakfast, which spoils the nutrients of their food. Alcohol intake, drugs and smoking is a common practice, which reflects poorly managed stress. Their fast pace life has led to disturb family life, therefore conjoint and nuclear family life concept is rare. They think that doing exercise is as an important healthcare tool, this myth is further adding to their chronic diseases. The nocturnal sleep quality is average. They do not have time to indulge into collective religious, traditional or culture promoting  activities. In shopping areas you do not find local products, mostly you find “made in China” products.  Americans are very casual about what they wear, or probably they have forgotten the formal dress. An natural lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have made their skin health poor, it is pigmented, tone less and can see early age skin wrinkling.  American have high obesity incidence, and teen age obesity is quite common.

British lifestyle

I found British people dietary habits slightly better than Americans. English breakfast composition is quite healthy and they prefer to take tea instead of coffee , though most of them are not into breakfast habit. They are not fond of ice cold water and take less drinks with foods. Alcohol intake, and smoking is a common practice. Stress level is high,  people appreciate nuclear family concept but number of single mothers is high. People are health conscious and lot of alternative therapists are licensed to practice. I have not observed collective promotion of religion, culture and tradition activities. I got a chance to watch a Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ organized by drama society of Cambridge university, but it was not of a good standard. British people are conscious about their routine and formal dress. Their poor nutrition and tanning craze has made their skin pigmented, saggy and early wrinkles. The incidence of obesity is comparatively low.

Thai lifestyle

My opinion is Thai people are careful about what they eat, and their staple diet is rice, noodle, soup or sea food. They do take traditional breakfast and they are not fond of English breakfast. They are less dependent on tea, coffee, cigarette or alcohol and prefer to take herbal teas during the day. They appeared less stressful and follow a simple lifestyle. The concept of a nuclear and a conjoint family prevails in their society. They prefer to wear their traditional dress and promote their Thai silk. They follow Buddhism, and you can see the statue of Lord Buddha on all hill tops. Government promotes Thai culture by organizing high budget plays, I have seen    ’ Siam Nirmit which was an excellent show. Thai are very loyal to their queen and she is known as mother of the nation. Their labor class is hard working and honest, one of my family member lost I pad in the Thai airline and it was found scratch less after two weeks. Traditional holistic sciences are common and people prefer this treatment. I have observed less obesity and their skin health is good.

Pakistani lifestyle

I found Pakistanis very careless about what they eat, and their eating habits have gone worst during last 15-20 years. Breakfast intake is not their preference and normally opt for processed foods. During the day intake of tea, biscuits, coffee is a common practice and dependence on cigarette, alcohol and drug is increasing by the day. Due to bad political system general public stress level is high and leading to multiple malpractices. People now are more into an artificial lifestyle but Pakistanis still carry a nuclear and conjoint family concept. They prefer to wear traditional and western dresses but Pakistani cotton is very popular. Labor class is very hard working and creative but due to poverty moral values are compromised. Conventional medical system dominates but poor health is common. Moderate obesity prevails and general skin condition is good.

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