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Body and Soul Connection

Connection Between Mind Body and Soul

The 95% of human body is controlled by mind and soul whereas the 5% control is in your own hands. With this you can imagine, how important our mind and soul is. Sometimes we cannot even understand the mind and soul connection. If you think you owe a healthy mind, body and soul and you follow a basic religion and prevent yourself from things which are prohibited. It gives comfort to your mind, body and soul. But if you owe a mind full of negative thoughts then it will be difficult for your mind to relax. You received a message which is completely positive but the negative thoughts of your mind convert it into negative message, which causes destruction. But it will be more beneficial and comfortable for your mind, if you control your negative thoughts and deliver the positive message as it is. This will give you relaxation, spirituality and inspiration. If you control your negative thoughts and make your mind neat and clean then the researching capacity of your mind will be as good as it should be.

The human body is like a TV screen, if you take good care of it and prevent it from being scratchy then its projection will be great. With the passage of time, people have got the awareness of mind, body and soul connection. Despite this there are lots of questions unanswered. The mind body connection exists inside you when you were born, you can’t go and purchase it from the market. The majority could not understand the connection between soul and mind but when they look at examples of it in their routine life then they realize that there is a connection exists.

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