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Body Types

Types of body shapes

Different people have their own, unique body shape which depends on many factors like sweet in their food. On this very basis, we can say that there are different types of body shapes.

Body Shapes of Women

Mainly body types women are four in number. In apple shaped body, hips are narrower while breast and bust are broader. Banana shaped women have their waist measurement less than 9 inches but smaller than hip and bust. In pear shaped body hip measurements are always larger than bust ones. Hour glass shaped body has an equal measurement of hip and bust while it has narrower waist. Different types of body shapes offer different diseases in one’s body say if we compare the apple shaped and pear-shaped people in both terms i.e. body types men as well as body types women.

Body Shape of Men

In pear shaped persons there is not a huge risk of heart diseases but an apple shaped body can have different fatal diseases including asthma. Most of men are apple shaped while women are pear shaped body. This the reason why there is a great danger of heart attacks in men. It is said that pear shaped body of women is due to their hormones.

In the same way men have tendency to develop an apple shaped body. Due to this reason, diseases like insulin resistance, heart diseases and triglycerides develop in them. But when a woman is changing its shape to apple shaped it is said that there comes a hormonal imbalance in that women which can lead her to heart diseases as well as breast cancer.

As there are different types of body shapes, it is usually asked that whether we can change our body shape to a better one. Normally the body type is fixed i.e. it made genetically but in body shape we can make certain alterations to be occurred. It greatly depends upon our lifestyle, our food and more commonly one’s gender. That’s why these minor but important factors should be kept in eye to be healthy and fit.

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