Medical Mafia

The human body is a mass of about 50 trillion cells and each cell is an independent unit regarding its functions. It can think, communicate, grow, replicate and at the same time is connected to the main controlling systems also. It has an uninterrupted electrical and energy supply. Each and every cell is connected to mental and spiritual being also. Traditionally, public health relies extensively on conventional (allopathic) medicine in its quest to prevent and treat disease. The conventional medical system is perfect in teaching you the cell embryology, chemistry, physiology, and pathology. But it can’t give you any details sub-cellular components which are connected to mind and spirit. So the advanced and high-tech medical science is totally ignorant about two third of a human and knows only one third about the human body.

Mean Alliance

In order to overcome this ignorance it declares pharmaceuticals, laboratory technicians and pathologists their best partners and take shelter behind them. The beauty of medical system is that doctors, pathologists and pharmacists are united and well connected and always support each other regarding the ailment of their patient. They convince their patient about their diagnosis and their ultimate treatment. Influenced by the mega medical mafia patient forces himself to agree with the doctor, though dis-agree at their subtle level. This whole process gradually takes the patient to its end, and medical system is still free of all allegations. A In a 2003 publication, the British Medical Journal said, “Twisted together like the snake and the staff, doctors and drug companies have become entangled in a web of interactions as controversial as they are ubiquitous (everywhere).”

Fear Factor

Four years ago, the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Annals of Internal Medicine and The Lancet – put out an all-points bulletin throwing up a red flag warning that clinical research had really become little more than commercial activity (a way of making money key strategy of the alliances is to target the news media with stories designed to create fears about the condition or disease and draw attention to the latest treatment. This has led to problems on several key levels:

  • People with benign, normal symptoms taking dangerous drugs. As we are convinced that natural signs of aging and common conditions are diseases or treatable symptoms, we take drugs for such things as balding, anxiety, mild bone loss and indigestion, which put us at risk for issues that were not true illnesses or risks.
  • People being tested regularly and undergoing unnecessary treatments with drugs and invasive surgery. Very few people after middle age can pass tests without being told that they have some sort of “risk.” This risk is turned into a pseudo-disease leading to such things as dangerous breast and colon surgery and “preventative” medications. (For example, a male patient over age 40 goes to the doctor for a sore throat and finds the doctor’s finger up his rectum. The doctor informs him he has a prostate issue and removes it, causing the man to be impotent for the rest of his now-miserable life.)

Misleading Researches

Another important factor is error in medical research is causing people to get hurt and even die, Dr. Ioannidis says, noting that statistical flukes often serve as the basis for misleading medical recommendations.  As Newsweek reported:

“When you do thousands of tests, statistics says you’ll have some false winners,” says Ioannidis. Drug companies make a mint on such dicey statistics. By testing an approved drug for other uses, they get hits by chance, “and doctors use that as the basis to prescribe the drug for this new use. I think that’s wrong.” The research appears to be particularly shoddy when it comes to surgery. Most surgeries have been tested far less so than medications, and many may be offered as medical solutions when there is little science to back them up. As Dr. Ioannidis told Newsweek:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if a large proportion of surgical practice is based on thin air, and [claims for effectiveness] would evaporate if we studied them closely.

The “double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial” is regarded as the gold standard of medical research. But there are serious problems with these studies, unknown to most, but widely acknowledged by researchers.

Scientific Foods

Another industry which supports this mafia is the food industry which has started preparing scientific foods to please their scientific bosses. There is a boom of low fats, low calories, high fiber, sugar free processed and genetically modified foods. These scientific foods are highly controlled foods in terms of their ingredients but are devoid of natural constituents. Putting these foods into body generate new set of diseases like, allergies, autoimmune disorders, obesity, hormonal imbalances, early onset of degenerative diseases and cancers.

What to do

  • If you’re facing a health challenge it is best to work with a health team, which may include a competent regular physician along with a natural health consultant. Your team should include experts who understand health at a foundational level and have had extensive experience in helping others resolve their health care challenges successfully.
  • Ultimately, you must come to the realization that you are responsible for your, and your family’s, health not your physician, and certainly not any researchers. You’ve got to become an active participant in your care and make sure you are making decisions that correspond with your own judgment, knowledge and experiences.
  • If the medical advice you follow is creating more problems and symptoms than it solves, keep looking; if it’s making you feel great, you’re probably on the right track.
  • Remember to refine your ability to listen to your body’s feedback and follow those signals, no matter what any health expert, including me, is telling you. You can typically rely on your body to tell you the truth and guide you to the best solutions for your long-term health.

A Comparative Lifestyle Observational Study of Four Nationalities

This year I got a chance to travel to USA, UK, and Thailand from 17th June to 13th August 2013. This trip was of academic interest besides holidays. In June I got a chance to do a lifestyle modification certification course from Harvard University. Later I had a brief tour of best USA universities like MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, and few more in California State. The enlightening aura of these prestigious institutes have energized my mind and soul. During this eight weeks period I compared the lifestyles of various cultures. My definition of Lifestyle is composed of, a person’s dietary habits, his amount and quality of nocturnal sleep, stress management and routine exercise. Below is an account of that observational study which encompasses comparison of above mentioned factors and few more lifestyle factors as well.

 American lifestyle

I found that Americans have worst eating habits, they eat mostly processed foods and are very casual about eating habits especially breakfast. They take ice cold water and juices with meals which I think is a strong disease causing factor. They take coffee with food especially with their breakfast, which spoils the nutrients of their food. Alcohol intake, drugs and smoking is a common practice, which reflects poorly managed stress. Their fast pace life has led to disturb family life, therefore conjoint and nuclear family life concept is rare. They think that doing exercise is as an important healthcare tool, this myth is further adding to their chronic diseases. The nocturnal sleep quality is average. They do not have time to indulge into collective religious, traditional or culture promoting  activities. In shopping areas you do not find local products, mostly you find “made in China” products.  Americans are very casual about what they wear, or probably they have forgotten the formal dress. An natural lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have made their skin health poor, it is pigmented, tone less and can see early age skin wrinkling.  American have high obesity incidence, and teen age obesity is quite common.

British lifestyle

I found British people dietary habits slightly better than Americans. English breakfast composition is quite healthy and they prefer to take tea instead of coffee , though most of them are not into breakfast habit. They are not fond of ice cold water and take less drinks with foods. Alcohol intake, and smoking is a common practice. Stress level is high,  people appreciate nuclear family concept but number of single mothers is high. People are health conscious and lot of alternative therapists are licensed to practice. I have not observed collective promotion of religion, culture and tradition activities. I got a chance to watch a Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ organized by drama society of Cambridge university, but it was not of a good standard. British people are conscious about their routine and formal dress. Their poor nutrition and tanning craze has made their skin pigmented, saggy and early wrinkles. The incidence of obesity is comparatively low.

Thai lifestyle

My opinion is Thai people are careful about what they eat, and their staple diet is rice, noodle, soup or sea food. They do take traditional breakfast and they are not fond of English breakfast. They are less dependent on tea, coffee, cigarette or alcohol and prefer to take herbal teas during the day. They appeared less stressful and follow a simple lifestyle. The concept of a nuclear and a conjoint family prevails in their society. They prefer to wear their traditional dress and promote their Thai silk. They follow Buddhism, and you can see the statue of Lord Buddha on all hill tops. Government promotes Thai culture by organizing high budget plays, I have seen    ’ Siam Nirmit which was an excellent show. Thai are very loyal to their queen and she is known as mother of the nation. Their labor class is hard working and honest, one of my family member lost I pad in the Thai airline and it was found scratch less after two weeks. Traditional holistic sciences are common and people prefer this treatment. I have observed less obesity and their skin health is good.

Pakistani lifestyle

I found Pakistanis very careless about what they eat, and their eating habits have gone worst during last 15-20 years. Breakfast intake is not their preference and normally opt for processed foods. During the day intake of tea, biscuits, coffee is a common practice and dependence on cigarette, alcohol and drug is increasing by the day. Due to bad political system general public stress level is high and leading to multiple malpractices. People now are more into an artificial lifestyle but Pakistanis still carry a nuclear and conjoint family concept. They prefer to wear traditional and western dresses but Pakistani cotton is very popular. Labor class is very hard working and creative but due to poverty moral values are compromised. Conventional medical system dominates but poor health is common. Moderate obesity prevails and general skin condition is good.

The Dashboard of a Human Car

A dashboard is a control panel placed in front of the driver of an automobile, housing instrumentation and controls for operation of the vehicle. Gauges such as a speedometer, tachometer(revolution counter), odometer (shows distance travelled) and fuel gauge, and indicators such as gearshift position, seat belt warning light, parking-brake-engagement. The human body also has a dash board but its gauges are spread all over the body. While driving a car we keep an eye on the dashboard to avoid accidents and malfunctioning of the engine. Same benefits we can get if we keep a check on the body’s dashboard. Speedometer and odometers are reflected in the nostrils, chest movement and breathing pattern. But the difference is that we keep an eye on a car’s dash board but we never look at our gauges conveying very important information and ultimately come across a fatal ending.

  1. You can judge fuel or energy reserves from facial expressions, skin color, and wrinkles. Forehead lines reflect the status of your gut, pigmentation on face indicates stress, grief, hormonal imbalance and a dysfunctional liver. Glow of facial skin is an indicator of optimum holistic health and slow aging of internal organs like liver, heart, kidney and brain. Facial expressions indicate state of mind.
  2. Eyes are windows through which you can assess the state of mind and soul. Sunken eyes indicate hyperactive liver and presence of chronic degenerative disorder in the body. Puffy upper lids show water retention, swollen lower eye border shows stomach dysfunction. Twitching of right eye shows abnormal alkaline body chemistry and left eye twitching shows stress and hyper liver. Chronic redness in eyes shows dysfunctional liver and overheating of the body. Drowsy, shrunken and drooped eyes indicate low B.P., low body temperature, low sugar and poor circulation to the head and neck area. Dull eyes again indicate low vitality, healthy eyes are sparkling and wide open. Frequent blinking of eyes tell about the stress in the body.
  3. Well-formed nostrils indicate proper oxygenation of blood. Deformed or distended nostrils indicate blocked sinus and improper breathing leading to oxygen deficiency in the body.
  4. Color of lips tells quality of blood, vertical lines on the lips indicate suppressed immunity and gut disorders.
  5. Double chin indicates water retention. Rounded jaw line indicates obesity and saggy facial muscles.
  6. Heavy upper body indicates acidic ph of body and heavy lower half of the body indicates hormonal imbalance, water retention, chronic stress, and wrong exercises.
  7. Heavy lower limbs indicate impaired blood and lymphatic circulation, water retention and lack of exercise or over exercise.
  8. Cracked heels indicate a stomach disorder and poor immunity. Deep cracks indicate serious immunity disorders.

Humans are blessed with an early disease warning sensors, giving various signals but we never listen to our body. Every disease has an incubation period which varies for acute and chronic diseases. During this period the battle between the pathogen and immune system is going on. The debris of this war are reflected on skin and various internal systems. The fast pace lifestyle and outer world commitments have totally disconnected us from the preventive health aspect of our holistic being.

My Retreat at Levinson institute of Harvard Medical School

I landed at Boston Logan airport with frequent thoughts of regret about my decision to attend Levinson Leadership Physician course. The same evening while having dinner I learnt about the other ten foreign delegates, and felt better. I initially participated in the seminar with my mental guard mode ON, because I did not want to accept anything that were to challenge my professional integrity. I joined the course with a lot of opposition from social and professional circles, so you can well imagine my mental state and apprehensions.

Gradually I started to feel that something was starting to go in my system and my rigid personality coverings began to loosen. The Interesting part was that we were made to do a self diagnosis about our own intellect disorders. During that course I realized that I was suffering from a subtle autoimmune disorder which was reflected in the form of fear of professional failure, over compassionate behavior and self neglect. I got awareness about the accumulated emotional toxins which were affecting my physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Therefore I started enjoying this intellect massage and detox, which I had never experienced in my life before. The blockade was completely reversed after the huge infusions of knowledge laxatives. Removal of the layers of debris from my mental being was absolutely painless and with my absolute consent. I think it was done under subtle general anesthesia.

I also realized that the Faculty was giving us a group holistic therapy, the only instruction given was that we were not suppose to sit with the same participants during the seminar. I appreciate the ability of Cynsie to select the seminar participants, all were genius, humble, courteous and eager to learn. The faculty was very gentle in developing connections with the participants and I also observed the phenomenon of quantum entanglement (acute development of human bonding) which is normally observed collectively in a peak life threatening human crisis, and is of a short duration.

Within 48 hours the group was connected at subtle level and we were absorbing hours and hours of immense knowledge with ease and without mental fatigue. I am sure all of us would have developed dozens of new neural connections to absorb this wisdom. With my group I had a feeling that we were siblings from the same family, because each of us developed non-hormonal, unconditional, respect and love for each other. Jim Allen our group leader was an excellent facilitator in group activities. On the final day my group members collectively discussed about my strength factors which I very proudly would like to share: very intelligent, brave visionary, innovative, passionate, truly holistic-authentic , quite strength.

After registering for this seminar I found that no body asked for my degrees or certificates, because they knew during the operational procedures of training they will know me, more than I know myself. That was the most amazing part where I discovered myself as an individual and a professional being as well. The great healers of the faculty has secretly done non invasive corrective surgery of our higher beings. The Course is over but the psychological contract is being signed, two self addressed letters of self commitments are there for self accountability and The Levinson Cube sitting on my table is a constant reminder to those commitments.

Role of Holistic Foods in Prevention & Management of Dengue

Every year dengue is posing serious threats to people globally. Last dengue episode was quite tragic and forced the Pakistan community to be watchful to the coming season of this monster epidemic. Last year my experience on few hundred patients taught me that dengue is not a disease of mosquito, virus and man but it is a disease of unhealthy lifestyle. All these who suffered from dengue have few commonalities regarding their holistic health .their food was unnatural, there were no food timings and they were suffering from undue stress.

In Oder to prevent dengue people should focus on their immunity enhancement. Currently we are trying to contr0l dengue by working on the mosquito factor. Mosquito killing sprays, lotions are dangerous because they choke your liver your liver and indirectly suppress immune system. Avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals. Foods recommended during the disease are useless, rather they aggravate the disease mostly their food habits are erratic and they are forced more into artificial foods for treatment sake. Dengue prone people are already stress prone people and suffered from emotional traumas also which further lowers the immunity. the past medical history of jaundice , typhoid and overmedications also indirectly prone to dengue .

In order to protect from dengue have healthy food, rest , and sufficient night sleep . Patient needs family support in the form of prayers and reassurance to overcome the fear factor. As virus attacks protein system meant for the cell communication , for treatment sake we need to replenish protein deficiency in the patient.

Immunity enhancing foods are half boiled desi eggs , soups or yakhani , hot milk , fish . keema ,yogurt and easily digestible foods like khichiri or daliya . avoid dead food like white flour based foods, broiler chicken , and bakery stuff . Mixing of juices, fizzy drink, milk, tea and coffee should be strictly avoided, because they traumatize immune system. Tye role of papaya leaves is not proven scientifically and clinically I have never seen patients recovering with the help of these foods . one episode of dengue drops immunity to a dangerous level and expose person to future diseases and second attack of dengue also . During the active dengue disease keep your body warm and avoid exposure to cold temperature rooms, foods and drinks.

Abstract of Dr.Shagufta Feroz lecture on 30th January at National Institute of Food Science and Technology University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Holistically Enlightened Pakistan Army

If you live life with open eyes and ears, you observe so many interesting phenomena happening around you. Being a curious and a keen observer, I am learning all the time from people around and my patients. My medical training has helped sharpen my in-born observational nature, but training in holistic sciences since 2004, further widened my scope of learning about the holistic aspects of human beings. Believe me positive thinking and good intentions are two important tools which reveal so many aspects of life without spending huge funds and forming committees. Being a student of Sufism, I also try to bridge the gap between a holistic being, spirituality and metaphysical sciences, for solving complicated life issues.

Holistic sciences have taught me about the perfect harmony in the human body and Nature. This harmony is responsible for holistic or positive health, in terms of immunity, mental stamina, internal peace, strong belief and for a fearless, and selfless being.  Dis-harmony results in holistic diseases like cancer, heart disease, selfishness, insecurity and various fears especially of death. Therefore you must understand that your body needs discipline, self respect, proper feeding, rest, and strong faith and in return it gives you immense holistic stamina and power.

In this worldly life, we are supposed to play an individual, collective and universal role. Individual role is being manifested in your personal life, collective is your role for society or country and universal is your role for humanity. For last two roles you need to be mature enough to detach emotionally from family and a routine life any time with no pain at all i.e with submission. While focussing on collective and universal aspects, you start sharing the path of Sufism and the only intention is to please God.  I found multiple commonalities in army and holistic training, with ultimate objective of a disciplined life and enlightenment.

Besides learning and applying the rules of holistic sciences to my patients, I started my search for an ideal holistic being too. My opinion was that scientists, religious scholars, social workers or politicians must be close to a holistic being, I got a chance to observe their lifestyle, but all of them disappointed me. The reason was that all were disrespectful to this divinely blessed body and were having soul-disconnect. This dis-connect made them abuse themselves, their family, society and country. People on antidepressants, intoxicants and with chronic ailments cannot be holistic.

In the last 27 years, I got to see couple of thousand army men, and their families for their medical problems. I started looking for signs of a holistic being in them, and it took me many years to understand them and give this strong scientific statement, that our army men are holistically evolved. This conclusion was part of my PhD holistic nutrition dissertation as well in 2008.

Now let us see what happens in initial army training, a physical and emotional detachment is induced by keeping young cadets in boarding colleges. The most important component of training is time management with strict discipline in food intake, exercise and behaviour. This harmonises their internal and external environment, required for good stamina and mental immunity. Their training to follow their seniors with full submission, helps them resolving ego issues, which is explained by Lord Tennyson in his poem in these words

“theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die”

For spiritual growth process, taming of ego or self-negation is a difficult chapter, which is inculcated smoothly in a soldier’s life. The collective aspect automatically comes in when army plays its role in defending country in peace, war, political turmoil, disaster, calamity or terrorism. I am impressed, how universal aspect comes in with the desire to get martyrdom, while fighting for the motherland. Another example of universal role comes in when troops are posted as part of an international force, working for peace missions. I am always surprised with the amount of satisfaction they have while planning for such missions. What an evolutionary growth a Jawan goes through, where he is ready to surrender his life to protect the motherland in time of need and in another role he has to show empathy to rescue a child from the debris of a collapsed building in earthquake or to save a drowning person during floods. Another interesting observation is seniors have motherly love for their Jawans, so they are a combination of soft, harsh, ruthless and subtle emotions. I have observed strange tolerance and patience in the families of martyrs as well, I think it is definitely due to patience and divine help.

In holistic growth there is no dichotomy in individual, collective and universal beings, there is oneness for a greater cause. When a person reaches that stage, Universal system is activated to help him. Who can deny the Divine help to our army men during 1965 war, and in few incidences of Zarb e azab as well. I was watching a documentary about an international competition held few years before, about army skills between troops of various nations. Pakistan army was declared the best, which further supports my observation. I am happy about my observational research and we are proud to have an army of such a calibre. In the current scenario I think they need a holistic support from us of the level of 1965 war, where the whole nation was unitedly supporting them. As we know Pakistan is bleeding and we have to turn into 190 million healers, to heal our motherland and to secure the future of our children. I would like to quote Sir Winston Churchill “never in the history of human endeavour, so much was owed by so many to so few ” , which can be the best tribute to our army.


If you are a dedicated, sensitive, passionate and caring medical professional then you are vulnerable to suffer from a chronic degenerative disease, can commit suicide or become a founder or leader of a humanitarian movement. A passionate honest doctor consumes energies faster than a money oriented, numb and non humane fellow professional. After a long tiring transforming professional journey of mine, I am happy to share that Allah has saved me from committing suicide. I emotionally broke many times in my life when faced apposition from fellow colleagues, friends and family but practically learnt the power of faith, good intention, dedication and passion. I was in love with my medical profession till I started observing it’s failure in chronic diseases, pharmaceutical bribery and meanness of my seniors. It took me 15 years to realise that  a noble profession is no more noble. This led to the introduction of holistic sciences in my life and profession. Besides learning I was able to find dedicated, passionate, humane professionals with their untiring contributions like Dr. Gladys, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil the founders of Integrative Holistic sciences. 

I joined Integrative Medicine IM Fellowship at Arizona State University to update my various holistic sciences qualifications and bring those under one mega heading. Soon after becoming part of a class of about 80 doctors of various specialities, I started gaining strength due to subtle harmony in mental frequencies of all class fellows . Each of the participants has their unique personal or professional reason to transform. I never expected a surgeon, oncologist or radiologist to have a gentle, tender or caring heart for their patients (sorry to my class mates). IM Fellowship has started nurturing our valuable professional emotions and will make us strong enough to carry on our professional duties with far more better healing. Integrative Medicine is about self care, compassion, empathy, harmony, respect for our sacred body and about the responsibility of a doctor to heal humans holistically. 

A medical doctor is capable of treating or managing a disease but can’t heal. Medical degrees never awards you with the tool of healing because it is metaphysical and a gift from mental and spiritual being of a doctor. Healing comes with pure intentions, compassion and by desire to live in collective consciousness. My observation is that doctors inclined towards holistic sciences carry healing abilities by default and need to be groomed in Integrative approach.

Our residency classes were organised in Wyndham resort Tucson AZ to charge our bodies with mega booster doses of oxygen, negative ions, visual absorption of natural flora, locally grown organic foods and meals prepared with love and care. So without informing us Arizona Faculty have started taking care of us like a new born baby, yes it is a rebirth in a new realm. Through early morning yoga, heart centred meditation, Tai Chi and Qi gong sessions our energy beings were repaired and refuelled. I could feel the overflowing love of our faculty for us, and they were always there with smiling faces to facilitate us. Lectures on carefully chosen topics of Nutrition myths, Clinician health care, motivational interviewing, fundamentals of Integrative Medicine, Integrative management of anxiety, spirituality and spontaneous healing, and dietary supplements and botanicals were very informative. Other part was more interactive and dynamic which included breath work, hypnosis, laughter therapy, group dance, salsa challenge, nature  walk in Labyrinth to see beautiful variety of cactus. Oldest cactus was 300 years old and I learnt for the first time how wood pecker selects an old, tall cactus to make its boot shaped nest inside the bark. During Tai Chi session we were told that humans resemble a tree so objective of nature walk was to make trees meet trees, which was enlightening.

Group dance session was hilarious and I learnt that most of the doctors by default are non dancers, but all of us thoroughly enjoyed non rhythmic stress liberating dances. It was a nice surprise to learn medical benefits of laughter therapy from a Cardiac surgeon. Laughter therapy is the priceless, simple and easy to follow tool which should be promoted collectively. As I strongly believe in locally grown foods so now I will also work on a locally evolved version of laughter therapy. So keep laughing whole heartedly for your better health. After attending the closing ceremony of our residency week, I understood the lecture on “Medical Ceremony”. The ceremony was mind blowing and will definitely keep us grounded to our cause of healing ourselves and humanity. Thank you Dr. Andrew Weil for giving us Integrative Medicine, thank you faculty for delivering it to us and thank you to all keen receivers of Integrative Medicine. I am sure in our next residency week we will meet with improved harmony and holistic health.

Happy and Sad Foods

Learn about how food impact on your health and on your lifestyle. Event on Happy and Sad Foods by Dr. shagufta Feroz will be held at Faiz Ghar 126-F Model Town, Lahore on Sunday August 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM.

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Are You Ageing?

An open Event on “Are You Ageing?” by Dr. shagufta Feroz will be held at Faiz Ghar 126-F Model Town, Lahore on Sunday September 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM.

It’s an open event so every intrested person can attend this event.

It’s an open event so every intrested person can attend this event.