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Child Care and Health Problems

Child Care and Health Problems

The health of children’s include their proper sleep, exercise, insuring their safety and give them healthy foods. For better children’s health it is necessary to take them to doctor for regular checkups. It is the base for the better development of your child’s health. Every responsible parent should take child care of these necessities. The advantage of these regular is that if your child has any minor disease then it will be cured at its starting stages. The major health issues in children’s now a day are:

  • Weight gain or loss on significant basis.
  • Fever more than 102.
  • Sore throats most often.
  • Problem in breathing.
  • Skin infections or rashes.
  • Anxiety or Sleep problems.

If we talk further about child care, then there are many aspects to give attention to. Our children are the future prospects of our nation and for their families so it is very necessary to take care of their health issues. The child nutrition is very important aspect of your children health and it lots depends upon the parents. Model the eating habits of your child to see him/her live a healthy and sound life. Parents should cook food at home and make their child habitual of healthy foods from home. It will surely prove beneficial for the child and make him/her safe from diseases. It’s the duty of parents to make healthy habits in their children. Children should took breakfast early in the morning which is very necessary for the health and also the backbone of your whole day.

Children Health Program in Geo Shan Se by Dr. Shagfta Feroz

Health Problems of Children

We should took care of eating habits of our children from their birth. Because the eating habits developed in our children would be lasting forever. Some of the children eat too much in their childhood and then it lasts forever, and some of the children won’t like eating which will be last forever also. So it is our duty to develop good eating habits in our children to get rid child obesity and child health problems. Due to improper eating habits, the child may get weak or slack. The most important meal of the day for the children is breakfast, which is the base for the whole day.

If your child won’t get the breakfast then he/she gets overweight due to over eating the whole day and most probably they also gets underweight. Due to the absence of breakfast, the child will feel hungry after every hour during the whole day. The breakfast should be healthy which can cause lots of calories in your child due to which they won’t get hungry and won’t eat improper food the whole day. Mostly the overweight children eat junk foods due to which they can’t control their weight and gets overweight in their very small age.

The best way to control the weight of your overweight child is to develop a habit in him/her of breakfast. Due to which the weight gain will be stopped and his/her body starts to get stable. There are many child health problems such as infections, injury, child obesity, asthma, allergy, mental, disorder, fever, Diarrhea, measles, anxiety and death etc. You need to have proper health care for kids to make them safe from these diseases so that they could spend a healthy life.

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Children’s Healthcare

Children’s health and precautions:

Jaundice is very common disease in the children which occurs due to the sunlight in the morning but it is the natural phenomenon, not to worry situation. Another jaundice which effect kid’s health and occur due to aspiration, in which children swallow the fluid and as result pneumonia occurs. Doctor says that pneumonia is not such common disease in the children but jaundice is. Now a day, children won’t eat proper food but prefer outside fast foods. Due to which they got involved in infectious diseases. If a child of one year wants food which is complex and hard to digest for its young digestive system it means the basic chemistry of a child is not on its proper functioning. It is because the imbalance in the chemistry of mothers during the birth of child. Mostly people and children as well eat food in excessive amount and this is because their breakfast was not healthy.

A healthy breakfast is necessary for healthy child, so that they will eat normally the whole day. If they won’t eat healthy breakfast then their digestive system demands food the whole day and even after lots eating the digestive system could not be satisfied. And it is not good for children’s health. The children’s healthcare is very necessary for their better growth and to spend a healthy life. Mostly the children do not like the food at home, but when they served with the same food on other’s home they eat it without any difficulty. It is sometimes because of the difference in taste and they want to try new taste, it’s in their nature. In the diet plan of children, we ignore some foods that should be given to the children such as butter, Egg yolk, beef liver and mushrooms. All these contain vitamin D and should be added in the diet plan of children in small quantity.

There are unhealthy foods served to the children in the canteens of schools. In the most famous schools, the children are served with naan, samosa and other unhealthy food which is not only unhealthy but also the half-break time is not the time to eat. The meantime to eat was early in the morning, when you should give breakfast to your children. Most of the kids won’t eat their breakfast and do their eating at half-breaks with unhealthy and non-hygiene food. It’s completely against the children’s healthcare. For the better health of our children, you need to have a proper health plan. You may get that health plan from your nearest doctor. On picchls, you can get better health plan for your child by watching the videos on children’s healthcare. Your child may get into trouble if you won’t take care of his/her diet, so it’s better to have a healthy diet plan for them.

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