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Dengue Prevention and Treatment Diet

As dengue cases are rapidly increasing in Lahore, local people should focus on their immunity enhancement. Mosquito killing sprays, lotions are dangerous because they choke your liver and indirectly suppress immune system. Avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals and work on the preventive aspect. Have healthy food, rest, and sufficient night sleep.

Immunity enhancing foods are half boiled desi eggs, soups or yakhni, hot milk, fish, keema, yogurt and easily digestible foods like khichiri or daliya. Have these foods to protect yourself from dengue and other infections. Avoid dead foods like white flour based foods, broiler chicken, and bakery stuff. Mixing of juices, fizzy drinks, milk, tea and coffee should be strictly avoided, because they traumatize immune system. Keep your body warm and avoid exposure to cold temperature rooms, foods and drinks.

SLP Dengue Diet:

This plan is for a patient suffering from denge, and it has to be followed for 5-7 days.

  • 25-30 raisins for the pre-breakfast (within 2-3 min. of waking up).
  • For breakfast Yogurt, or desi daliya with milk or egg or yogurt or yakhni.
  • Three hours after breakfast fresh apple juice with one table spoon of lemon or natural apple vinegar.
  • For lunch brown rice khichiri with yogurt.
  • Three hours after lunch mix fruits especially papaya,grapes and anar can be taken.
  • For dinner again take khichiri with yogurt.
  • Half a cup of green tea with shaker has to be taken three times a day after the meals.
  • Boiled potato,corn, yakhni, home made butter and cheese are also helpful.
  • Take Darood sharif charged (dum karke) water to overcome fear.

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