Lifestyle Medicine Training Centre-LMTC

Dr. Shagufta Feroz started the Holistic Health Awareness Movement HHAM in 2002, to spread awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for general public and medical community. For 15 years she kept using this platform to conduct lectures, seminars and workshops in various government institutes, academic institutes, hospitals, health clubs, arm forces training institutes, and other social organizations about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She used power of social media, print and electronic media to spread this awareness. She volunteered to participate in the first reality based TV show “Pounds” aired on Geo television of Pakistan which had 13 episodes, and it has proven the role of a healthy lifestyle in our physical and mental health.

In 2015, she started her Lifestyle Medicine training centre, for short certifications and workshops. The objectives of this Institute is to serve medical and non medical community equally by spreading awareness about a healthy lifestyle and its role in preventive health. The most popular is 50 hours certification called “Lifestyle Medicine Certified Coach”.

In 2017 LMEd Harvard University nominated her as their Collaborator for Pakistan for the introduction of Lifestyle Medicine in medical curriculum and healthcare system. Syllabus taught at LMTC has LMEd LM content which is being taught globally by all LMEd Collaborators. LMTC is the first centre in the world to introduce the need for LM internship along with certification.

Syllabus Outline

  • LMCC Objectives.
  • Why there is a need for LM?
  • LMEd LM.
  • LM Global Movement.
  • What are CDD, NCD, LSD?
  • List of unhealthy lifestyle factors.
  • Lifestyle Medicine and its components.
  • SLP- a personalised lifestyle modification program
  • Importance of Homeostasis regulation and body rhythms.
  • Happiness Science.
  • Discussion of clinical Cases.

Course Benefits

Preventive for personal and family holistic health, Child healthcare, anti ageing, disease prevention, management and reversal of a chronic disease.

Course Eligibility

Doctors, medical students, nutritionist, pharmacists, physiotherapist, naturopaths, science graduates, and dentists.

Course Tution Fee

Rupees 50,000/=

What is Included in Fee

  • Book (Living as Nature Intended).
  • Certificate.
  • Course fee.
  • Membership of LMTC.

Required Documents for the Course

  • ID card copy.
  • Degree copy.
  • Fee payment receipt.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Lectures

  • 3 PM to 6 PM
  • 3 Hours Each Day = 12 Hours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Lectures

  • 9 AM to 6 PM
  • 9 Hours Each Day = 24 Hours

Clinical Observation:

9 AM to 1 PM, Monday to Thursday. Total 16 Hours

Terms & Conditions For LMCCs To Start Clinical Practice

  • One week of intensive or three months of slow pace LM internship at IHCC is compulsory, if LMCC wants to start a Lifestyle Medicine based clinic. It is not compulsory for those who are learning LM for self-care and for their family health. For doctors LSM can be part of their medical practice and internship is obligatory.
  • LMCC are suppose to see about 100 patients with their detailed history forms in three months or in one week of intensive internship.
  • LMCCs are suppose to finish their internship within 4 months of finishing their certification.
  • Non medical or allied sciences coaches can only work in collaboration with a doctor, healthcare service provider or a nutritionist.
  • Read and understand Dr. Shagufta Feroz’s book “Living as Nature Intended” before starting LM practice. SLP can give serious side effects, if it’s philosophy is not understood.
  • Best way to learn about the SLP benefits is to start with self awareness and care, management of close family members, extended family and then management of public holistic health.
  • CME is an integral part of LMCC and coaches need to attend at least one CME to maintain membership of the LMTC.
  • During this internship you practically learn about the importance of LM and it’s role in disease recovery. You get a chance to observe various aspects of LM like: The basic biometrics, health and lifestyle diseases, active living, culinary medicine, emotional well-being, positive psychology, happiness science in health, various addictions, sleep health, physical activity and brain health.

Contact Information

Cell numbers: 0321 8439362, 0334 4239530


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