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Female Health Problems

Diet Plans For Women

There is alarming situation for women who are too much weight. They need to lose their weight as soon as possible to stay fit and spend healthy life. Mostly women miss their breakfast and do not eat properly and thinking due to this they will get smart and fit. But this prediction is wrong because if you miss the breakfast you will get more fat and bulky. The whole day you will feel hungry and eat food on improper timings which will cause extra calories in you and makes you fat. Most of the women follow this guide to make them fit and smart. They don’t know that missing the breakfast means you are getting involved in diseases and your dream to stay fit and slim cannot complete. Most of the women are aware of that you could only lose weight if you do enough exercise and follow a healthy diet. A physical activity in your daily routine will help in shrinking those extra kilograms. In order to obtain visible results, there is best diet plans for women to follow. A best diet plans for women will only give them the results they want. Women need to make changes in their diet plan and needs to do exercise on daily basis if they really want to lose their weight and look slim and fit.

They are recommended not to miss their breakfast and meal. Limit yourself for tea, coffee and soft drinks. Avoid not sleeping at night, taking complete rest and proper sleep throughout the whole night and eating healthy breakfast early in the morning after some physical activity will definitely obtain results for you. There are below video programs about best diet plans for women to follow it. if they really want to lose their weight, fit and slim.

Body Shapes of Women

Mainly body types women are four in number. In apple shaped body, hips are narrower while breast and bust are broader. Banana shaped women have their waist measurement less than 9 inches but smaller than hip and bust. In pear shaped body hip measurements are always larger than bust ones. Hour glass shaped body has an equal measurement of hip and bust while it has narrower waist. Different types of body shapes offer different diseases in one’s body say if we compare the apple shaped and pear-shaped people in both terms i.e. body types men as well as body types women.

Geo Tez Program Best Diet Plans for Women(12th September 2013) Part 1

Geo Tez Program Best Diet Plans For Women (12th September 2013) Part 2

Diet Plan For Girls

The teenage girls should adopt healthy diet plan to make them look elegant and fit. If they want to look beautiful then healthy breakfast should be their necessity. After having healthy breakfast, they need to take their remaining day by eating healthy foods on proper timing. The young girls eat junk foods from their school café’s. Mostly girls miss their breakfast and eat in the recess from school café’s. The recess time at school is not the time for eating but mostly girls eat junk foods in that time period. The junk foods at wrong timing are harmful for the health of young girls. In that time period, the body is busy in creating blood and if you eat junk foods in that period it will be very harmful for your health. If they follow diet plan for girls then in that time period they should have nuts, nimko or drink juice. And then have their lunch when they return to home.

If we talk about the timing of milk then the school going girls should have their glass of milk after almost 3 hours of their lunch. For better health, a balanced diet is necessity. A healthy diet plan for girls includes fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains. A women’s body has its own needs of nutrients and proteins, by the passage of time these needs changes. All the girls have small muscles than boys so they also need fewer calories to maintain their healthy diet and body weight. Most of the girls are physically very active than normal girls, so they may need more calories.

Diet Plan For girls Geo Tez Program (19th September 2013) Part 1

Diet Plan For Girls Geo Tez Program (19th September 2013) Part 2

Food For Pregnant Women

Make sure that food should not be the one from the fewer things that might depress you while pregnancy. Don’t follow the advice’s from strangers, friends and family who are telling you about your food plan during the pregnancy. They are making you confuse by giving their suggestions, so don’t get confused by following such instructions. There are lots of old examples of pregnant women who harm them by following the instruction of others who are giving the suggestions without any authentication. Check out the authentic and complete guide of what to eat when pregnant. While pregnancy, there are some of the foods for pregnant women which are prohibited. They will first change your immune system and then involved you in different food-borne diseases. Avoid these foods which make you ill and cause serious complications such as from dehydration to miscarriage. Eggs cause fever, vomiting and diarrhea so avoid using egg and the dishes that involved eggs in it while pregnancy. The dishes in which eggs are not cooked completely should not be eaten in the time period of pregnancy. A completely cooked egg cannot harm you. Avoid using unpasteurized juices as it kills bacteria and toxins.

The juices like cider sold at stands may not have undergone pasteurization. There are some foods which you can eat but in small amount. When it comes to caffeine, the things are gone little strange. According to small study by some nutrients, the caffeine will increase health issues in fetus but according to some other studies caffeine is not harmful if used moderately. The guidelines suggest the amount of caffeine that could be used per day which is 300 milligrams, roughly it is 2 or 38-ounce cups of coffee. Caffeine is used in coffee, the doctors have allowed couple of cups of coffee per day. During the pregnancy, it is very important for you to maintain your health. In that time span, the body of women demands more minerals, nutrients and vitamins. In the diet plan for women, there should be foods included which will cause extra 400 to 600 calories in the body per day. If your diet lacks the nutrients required for the body then it has bad effect on the health of baby. If the foods for pregnant women is not proper and causes weight gain then it will increase the risk of pregnancy complications and gestational diabetes. Choosing healthy and nutritious foods will ensure the health of both the baby and mother.

Weight Gain Diet

In order to gain weight fast and safely you need to focus on your eating habits. Your eating should be on proper time and the diet includes natural and healthy foods. Being underweight is also bad for your health as being obese. So take care of your diet and adopt natural foods to stay fit.

Geo Tez Program (26th September 2013) Part 1

Geo Tez Program (26th September 2013) Part 2

Healthy Diet For Working Women

Women have different requirements of nutrition as compared to men. They have small muscles and require fewer calories than men. Women seeking balanced diet for good health will get great ideas and diet plan on our website picchls. You will get great recipe ideas for balanced diet and to keep yourself healthier and fit. A balanced diet means having natural foods and proper eating habits. A guide for your balanced diet will leads you to healthy and happy life. You will get to know that which food you should eat and at which proportion. In the diet there are all natural foods included such as eating vegetables and fruits the whole day, whole grains, fish, beans, pulses, less meat, lower fat foods, dairy foods and lower sugar. It’s not over yet because you need to have proper timing to eat all these natural foods and in proper balance as well. There should be proper timing set to eat these fats and proteins. Continue visiting our website for healthy diet for women. For the women who are bulky and fat, also a healthy diet is recommended. Mostly women prefer to eat less to kill their extra kilos but this perception is wrong. Because if you do not get the food that your body wants then you become weak and it will make you hungrier. Due to this hunger your body demands more eating at regular intervals. This may be the basic reason of making you fat and bulky. So to overcome these issues, a healthy diet for women is recommended.

Geo Tez Program (3rd Octobar 2013) Part 1

Geo Tez Program (3rd Octobar 2013) Part 2

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