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If you are a dedicated, sensitive, passionate and caring medical professional then you are vulnerable to suffer from a chronic degenerative disease, can commit suicide or become a founder or leader of a humanitarian movement. A passionate honest doctor consumes energies faster than a money oriented, numb and non humane fellow professional. After a long tiring transforming professional journey of mine, I am happy to share that Allah has saved me from committing suicide. I emotionally broke many times in my life when faced apposition from fellow colleagues, friends and family but practically learnt the power of faith, good intention, dedication and passion. I was in love with my medical profession till I started observing it’s failure in chronic diseases, pharmaceutical bribery and meanness of my seniors. It took me 15 years to realise that  a noble profession is no more noble. This led to the introduction of holistic sciences in my life and profession. Besides learning I was able to find dedicated, passionate, humane professionals with their untiring contributions like Dr. Gladys, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil the founders of Integrative Holistic sciences. 

I joined Integrative Medicine IM Fellowship at Arizona State University to update my various holistic sciences qualifications and bring those under one mega heading. Soon after becoming part of a class of about 80 doctors of various specialities, I started gaining strength due to subtle harmony in mental frequencies of all class fellows . Each of the participants has their unique personal or professional reason to transform. I never expected a surgeon, oncologist or radiologist to have a gentle, tender or caring heart for their patients (sorry to my class mates). IM Fellowship has started nurturing our valuable professional emotions and will make us strong enough to carry on our professional duties with far more better healing. Integrative Medicine is about self care, compassion, empathy, harmony, respect for our sacred body and about the responsibility of a doctor to heal humans holistically. 

A medical doctor is capable of treating or managing a disease but can’t heal. Medical degrees never awards you with the tool of healing because it is metaphysical and a gift from mental and spiritual being of a doctor. Healing comes with pure intentions, compassion and by desire to live in collective consciousness. My observation is that doctors inclined towards holistic sciences carry healing abilities by default and need to be groomed in Integrative approach.

Our residency classes were organised in Wyndham resort Tucson AZ to charge our bodies with mega booster doses of oxygen, negative ions, visual absorption of natural flora, locally grown organic foods and meals prepared with love and care. So without informing us Arizona Faculty have started taking care of us like a new born baby, yes it is a rebirth in a new realm. Through early morning yoga, heart centred meditation, Tai Chi and Qi gong sessions our energy beings were repaired and refuelled. I could feel the overflowing love of our faculty for us, and they were always there with smiling faces to facilitate us. Lectures on carefully chosen topics of Nutrition myths, Clinician health care, motivational interviewing, fundamentals of Integrative Medicine, Integrative management of anxiety, spirituality and spontaneous healing, and dietary supplements and botanicals were very informative. Other part was more interactive and dynamic which included breath work, hypnosis, laughter therapy, group dance, salsa challenge, nature  walk in Labyrinth to see beautiful variety of cactus. Oldest cactus was 300 years old and I learnt for the first time how wood pecker selects an old, tall cactus to make its boot shaped nest inside the bark. During Tai Chi session we were told that humans resemble a tree so objective of nature walk was to make trees meet trees, which was enlightening.

Group dance session was hilarious and I learnt that most of the doctors by default are non dancers, but all of us thoroughly enjoyed non rhythmic stress liberating dances. It was a nice surprise to learn medical benefits of laughter therapy from a Cardiac surgeon. Laughter therapy is the priceless, simple and easy to follow tool which should be promoted collectively. As I strongly believe in locally grown foods so now I will also work on a locally evolved version of laughter therapy. So keep laughing whole heartedly for your better health. After attending the closing ceremony of our residency week, I understood the lecture on “Medical Ceremony”. The ceremony was mind blowing and will definitely keep us grounded to our cause of healing ourselves and humanity. Thank you Dr. Andrew Weil for giving us Integrative Medicine, thank you faculty for delivering it to us and thank you to all keen receivers of Integrative Medicine. I am sure in our next residency week we will meet with improved harmony and holistic health.

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