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Food During Hajj

A Guide to Food During Hajj

Basically hajj program is of 20-40 days but its actual duration is 5 days. In the first 5 days of hajj, you are in Mina and the food will be served to you so it is not up to you what to eat. In the remaining 15 or 35 days, most of the people do not take care of their food during hajj so it will be difficult for them to performing hajj. According to basic principles, people should eat after every 3 hours during hajj. While tying Ihram, you should carry a bag of food to fill your appetite after every 3 hours in Mina. The hajj guide food you can carry with yourself is pulses, dates, nuts, chocolate bar and Saudi desert which is very powerful. Whenever you are in haram, you can carry dry fruits with yourself in small amount.

The better you take care of your food while performing hajj, the better you concentrate on obligations of hajj. You could take care of three things during hajj little bit sleep is necessary, food and also use Zamzam water to make yourself strong. There is hajj guide for old men who gets sick while performing hajj and also can’t get better even after the hajj. It is because of their own carelessness that they do not follow the hajj guide properly. If they eat date after every few minutes, then it will prove helpful to make them fit.

Hajj Steps

The basic hajj steps you should aware of are as follow:

  • Obligations in Makkah.
  • Tawaf.
  • Sa’ey.
  • Departure to Mina.
  • Mount Arafat.
  • Muzdalifah.
  • Ramy al-Jamarat.
  • Eid al-Adha.

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Stomach Problems and Treatment

The stomach is very important organ of human’s body and it is located between the esophagus and small intestine. Stomach stores the swallowed food and mixes it with stomach acids. After that, the mixture will be sent to the small intestine. The common stomach problems are heartburn, IBS and IBD. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, stomach pain, stomach cramps and bloating are stomach problems symptoms. Most of the people are suffering from stomach disorders.

You may get involved in stomach disorders due to wrong selection of food, or not having food properly. Have your dinner or lunch at proper schedule, avoid fatty foods and eat slowly will make you safe from stomach problems.

Gastric Disorders

The stomach disorders are also called gastric disorders. The major symptoms indicating that you are suffering from gastric disorder are Gastritis, Pancreatitis, Ulcer, Diverticulitis diet, Constipation, Diarrhea, Probiotics, Gallstones, Blood in stool, Hemorrhoids and Appendicitis. The only gastric treatment is change in lifestyle and proper medication. The change in lifestyle means to do everything in schedule and proper timing such as have lunch, dinner or breakfast on its proper time and proper sleep. The schedule in food and proper sleep are the key to make you safe from gastric disorders.

Duties of Stomach

Stomach has vital role in one’s human body, so it’s necessary for stomach to do its proper functioning. The digestion of foods and protection of lower intestine are some duties of stomach in our body. Stomach has constant J shape and it lies below the left rib cage. For a healthy lifestyle, your stomach should be healthy.

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