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Hawaii Quantum Medicine Conference

I am blessed that I got a chance to attend a quantum medicine conference in Huwaii on 6–9th october 2011. Quantum medince is a branch of science which explains the role of mind and spirit in a routine human life and disease state.

Below are few references from the conference:

–dark energy and dark matter make up 96% of the universe, science has explored only 4% 0f the unoverse. Dark energy explains mystic phenomena of chi and prana.— Dr. Yuri Kronn–physicist
I call this energy noor of God, which never be measured therefore coventional science will never find this.

–about 95% of time we operate out of our unconscious, the unconscious is more than 1,000,000 times as powerful as the conscious.— Dr. Dave phd

–Cholesterol can be lowered by energy medicine— Dr. Debra phd

Genes donot control your biology, it is your mind which controls you.—Dr. Bruce Lipton

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