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Heart Disorder in Youth

You may have listen to the news now a day, there are lots of people died due to heart attack. The people of very young age are dying due to cardiac arrest.

Heart Diseases and Their Symptoms

It is fatal heart disease in which heart function is suddenly lost and it may be or sometimes may not been diagnosed.

Causes of heart disease

If we discuss generally about the heart attack causes then there are three major causes comes into our mind.

The physical causes, emotional causes and metaphysical causes. The medical doctors take the heart as just a pump that through blood into our body but if we talk about natural sciences, spirituality, religion or holistic science then they took heart as what it is. According to natural sciences, heart is the part of body that makes you intellect.

Our heart is no just an organ but it is a seat of wisdom for us, all the intellectuality comes into our mind from heart. The heart disease can not only infect you due to blockage in blood vessels, the symptoms of heart disease are the same physical, emotional and metaphysical cause. In physical cause, we all know the wrong diet, excess usage of cholesterol, stress, lesser sleep, fatigue are main physical causes of heart attack.

Increasing Rate of Heart Attack

If we talk about young generation of current time, they start to excel very early due to which the amount of cholesterol in their body is increasing. Even the children of 10 years have cholesterol and they are dying due to heart attack now a day. The physique of current youngster looks older than their age. If we talk about the causes of these issues, then it is the tough competition of achieving things in life that is arousing with the passage of time. Everyone wants to have luxuries in their life so in fond of these luxuries, our young nation has forgotten about their health. The cholesterol now exists in the body of even born babies. Basically, the disease of heart needs 10 to 15 years to infect in someone’s body.

So after noticing very few of the symptoms of heart disease in your body, you should consult to a doctor then they will guide you to prevent the heart disease to infect your body. In the young age, the heart attack rates are excessing and you can’t even imagine how painful a heart attack is in young age. The younger body of someone can’t sustain the powerful blow of heart attack and died. There is very interesting role of heart in our body about which you may not aware. The information into your mind comes from soul and then your brain transfer it to the heart, the heart transfer this information to the organs of the body through blood so that they could do their functioning properly.

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