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Medical Mafia

The human body is a mass of about 50 trillion cells and each cell is an independent unit regarding its functions. It can think, communicate, grow, replicate and at the same time is connected to the main controlling systems also. It has an uninterrupted electrical and energy supply. Each and every cell is connected to mental and spiritual being also. Traditionally, public health relies extensively on conventional (allopathic) medicine in its quest to prevent and treat disease. The conventional medical system is perfect in teaching you the cell embryology, chemistry, physiology, and pathology. But it can’t give you any details sub-cellular components which are connected to mind and spirit. So the advanced and high-tech medical science is totally ignorant about two third of a human and knows only one third about the human body.

Mean Alliance

In order to overcome this ignorance it declares pharmaceuticals, laboratory technicians and pathologists their best partners and take shelter behind them. The beauty of medical system is that doctors, pathologists and pharmacists are united and well connected and always support each other regarding the ailment of their patient. They convince their patient about their diagnosis and their ultimate treatment. Influenced by the mega medical mafia patient forces himself to agree with the doctor, though dis-agree at their subtle level. This whole process gradually takes the patient to its end, and medical system is still free of all allegations. A In a 2003 publication, the British Medical Journal said, “Twisted together like the snake and the staff, doctors and drug companies have become entangled in a web of interactions as controversial as they are ubiquitous (everywhere).”

Fear Factor

Four years ago, the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Annals of Internal Medicine and The Lancet – put out an all-points bulletin throwing up a red flag warning that clinical research had really become little more than commercial activity (a way of making money key strategy of the alliances is to target the news media with stories designed to create fears about the condition or disease and draw attention to the latest treatment. This has led to problems on several key levels:

  • People with benign, normal symptoms taking dangerous drugs. As we are convinced that natural signs of aging and common conditions are diseases or treatable symptoms, we take drugs for such things as balding, anxiety, mild bone loss and indigestion, which put us at risk for issues that were not true illnesses or risks.
  • People being tested regularly and undergoing unnecessary treatments with drugs and invasive surgery. Very few people after middle age can pass tests without being told that they have some sort of “risk.” This risk is turned into a pseudo-disease leading to such things as dangerous breast and colon surgery and “preventative” medications. (For example, a male patient over age 40 goes to the doctor for a sore throat and finds the doctor’s finger up his rectum. The doctor informs him he has a prostate issue and removes it, causing the man to be impotent for the rest of his now-miserable life.)

Misleading Researches

Another important factor is error in medical research is causing people to get hurt and even die, Dr. Ioannidis says, noting that statistical flukes often serve as the basis for misleading medical recommendations.  As Newsweek reported:

“When you do thousands of tests, statistics says you’ll have some false winners,” says Ioannidis. Drug companies make a mint on such dicey statistics. By testing an approved drug for other uses, they get hits by chance, “and doctors use that as the basis to prescribe the drug for this new use. I think that’s wrong.” The research appears to be particularly shoddy when it comes to surgery. Most surgeries have been tested far less so than medications, and many may be offered as medical solutions when there is little science to back them up. As Dr. Ioannidis told Newsweek:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if a large proportion of surgical practice is based on thin air, and [claims for effectiveness] would evaporate if we studied them closely.

The “double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial” is regarded as the gold standard of medical research. But there are serious problems with these studies, unknown to most, but widely acknowledged by researchers.

Scientific Foods

Another industry which supports this mafia is the food industry which has started preparing scientific foods to please their scientific bosses. There is a boom of low fats, low calories, high fiber, sugar free processed and genetically modified foods. These scientific foods are highly controlled foods in terms of their ingredients but are devoid of natural constituents. Putting these foods into body generate new set of diseases like, allergies, autoimmune disorders, obesity, hormonal imbalances, early onset of degenerative diseases and cancers.

What to do

  • If you’re facing a health challenge it is best to work with a health team, which may include a competent regular physician along with a natural health consultant. Your team should include experts who understand health at a foundational level and have had extensive experience in helping others resolve their health care challenges successfully.
  • Ultimately, you must come to the realization that you are responsible for your, and your family’s, health not your physician, and certainly not any researchers. You’ve got to become an active participant in your care and make sure you are making decisions that correspond with your own judgment, knowledge and experiences.
  • If the medical advice you follow is creating more problems and symptoms than it solves, keep looking; if it’s making you feel great, you’re probably on the right track.
  • Remember to refine your ability to listen to your body’s feedback and follow those signals, no matter what any health expert, including me, is telling you. You can typically rely on your body to tell you the truth and guide you to the best solutions for your long-term health.

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