Online Consultation

Online Consultation For Overseas Patients


Online consultaion fee is USD 100/ Euro 90/ 80 Pound Sterling

During online consultation a Personalised SLP food plan is discussed for follow up patients or those who can’t come to my clinic in Lahore, Pakistan. I don’t do on line consultations for serious patients. Before choosing for an online consultation, go through the various general SLP food plans given on Dr. Shagufta Feroz website If you follow these plans by 90%, you will get about 50% results in gaining holistic health, weight management or improvement in all medical disorders. If results are not satisfying then only you can opt for online consultation.

For a Personalised SLP food plans you have to select between a Telephonic, WhatsApp and Skype consultation. For Telephonic and Skype consultations you have to fix an appointment by calling at 92-321 8439362 or through an E-mail or through skype (ID: shagufta.feroz) with a brief history. Once Dr. Shagufta Feroz agrees for consultation, only then make the fee payment.

After the payment of USD 100/ Euro 90/ Pound Sterling 80/= you again have to notify via email to Do inform us about the city or country where you live. A patient profile form will be sent along with SLP rules, which you have to read carefully. Before you fill the form have some idea about the SLP philosophy from her website, blog, face book and TV interviews. Read the form carefully and fill it in detail and send it back at the same email address. You will get a response within 3 business days so be patient. Appointments are usually fixed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and be ready with paper, pen to write down the plan. It is recommended that you do audio recording of conversation which will reinforce your understanding. You need a follow up appointment after 6-8 weeks and you have to pay the same fee for the follow up appointment too.


1. Payment Through PayPal

All clients can pay through PayPal at following id:

2. Payment in Bank Account

People can make payment online in Allied bank Limited Lahore Pakistan. Details are as under:

  • Bank Name:     Allied Bank Limited
  • Branch:             EME Branch(0634), Lahore, Pakistan
  • Account No:     0010018802390010
  • IBAN No:     PK63ABPA0010018802390010

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