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Role of Holistic Foods in Prevention & Management of Dengue

Every year dengue is posing serious threats to people globally. Last dengue episode was quite tragic and forced the Pakistan community to be watchful to the coming season of this monster epidemic. Last year my experience on few hundred patients taught me that dengue is not a disease of mosquito, virus and man but it is a disease of unhealthy lifestyle. All these who suffered from dengue have few commonalities regarding their holistic health .their food was unnatural, there were no food timings and they were suffering from undue stress.

In Oder to prevent dengue people should focus on their immunity enhancement. Currently we are trying to contr0l dengue by working on the mosquito factor. Mosquito killing sprays, lotions are dangerous because they choke your liver your liver and indirectly suppress immune system. Avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals. Foods recommended during the disease are useless, rather they aggravate the disease mostly their food habits are erratic and they are forced more into artificial foods for treatment sake. Dengue prone people are already stress prone people and suffered from emotional traumas also which further lowers the immunity. the past medical history of jaundice , typhoid and overmedications also indirectly prone to dengue .

In order to protect from dengue have healthy food, rest , and sufficient night sleep . Patient needs family support in the form of prayers and reassurance to overcome the fear factor. As virus attacks protein system meant for the cell communication , for treatment sake we need to replenish protein deficiency in the patient.

Immunity enhancing foods are half boiled desi eggs , soups or yakhani , hot milk , fish . keema ,yogurt and easily digestible foods like khichiri or daliya . avoid dead food like white flour based foods, broiler chicken , and bakery stuff . Mixing of juices, fizzy drink, milk, tea and coffee should be strictly avoided, because they traumatize immune system. Tye role of papaya leaves is not proven scientifically and clinically I have never seen patients recovering with the help of these foods . one episode of dengue drops immunity to a dangerous level and expose person to future diseases and second attack of dengue also . During the active dengue disease keep your body warm and avoid exposure to cold temperature rooms, foods and drinks.

Abstract of Dr.Shagufta Feroz lecture on 30th January at National Institute of Food Science and Technology University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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