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Spring Cleansing

The Russian biologist and physiologist, Metchnikoff a winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, said in his theory of chronic poisoning, all kinds of toxins in the human body will bring about chronic poisoning. Toxins are possibly one of the main factors, in people suffering diseases, and premature aging/senility. Healthcare experts and scholars worldwide comment, if people don’t keep a healthy dietary regime, there could be around 5kg. of toxin accumulated in their body. For an adult, there is around 3kg.-25kg. of toxin distributed in different organs including every cell , lymph and skin. The ten common toxins are free radicals, mercury, sugar, C reactive proteins, caffeine, cholesterol, cortisol, pesticides, dioxins and homocysteins.


Your body detoxifies itself all day and for the biggest part during your night sleep. Your body has to dispose of the toxic elements it receives from stimulants, nutrition and pollution. God has provided us with a system which detoxifies the body naturally at regular intervals. Besides a routine cleansing, body goes through a special process of natural detoxification from March to April and from September to October. As we know foods used in winters are nutrient rich like meat, fish, eggs, nuts and soups etc. Foods which are nutrient dense also produce heavy load of metabolites or food ash which has to be neutralized or excreted properly. The end products or ash of winter foods are being thrown out of the body by liver, lungs, intestines, kidney and skin. During this process body tries to eliminate allergens, toxins, heavy metals and circulating cancer cells as well.

In this transitional period the body gets ready for the upcoming summer season and new settings are being done to face the other extreme of the weather. If one is not healthy and detoxification is not optimum, circulating toxins settle in various body organs. Poor elimination of toxins lead to asthma, eczema, flu, other skin allergies, size gain obesity, bloating and depression. Try to facilitate your natural detoxification process by taking natural whole foods, 7-8 hours of night sleep, moderate outdoor exercise and managing your stress.

Dietary precautions

Be careful about the dietary discipline; remember breakfast is the most important meal which energizes the detoxifying organs especially liver. Breakfast should be rich in proteins and complex carbs. Avoid excess use of stimulants like fruit juices, tea and coffee during spring season, because they increase acid load in human body and block detoxification.

Whole fruit can be used to help your body detoxify. The best way of doing this is not to eat anything but fruit until noon for 3-5 days. Till that time your body is still busy detoxifying from the night before. The strongest detoxifying effect is caused by the citrus fruits.Especially (red) grapefruit and lemons are detoxifying. Citrus fruit is all acid fruit but also tomatoes and pineapples are acid fruits. Other good detoxifying fruits are mulberry (shahtoot), strawberry, and jujube (bair). Be a little-bit careful with the acid fruits when you are ill. Your body is already very busy detoxifying and when stimulating this process it could cause an over-reaction of your body to clean itself even more and could make you even feel worse for that moment

Proper water intake regarding temperature, amount and timings are important. Dehydrated body will re-accumulate the toxins in the body. Milk intake should be carefully regulated, because milk can cease or enhance detoxification. Raw milk is a good detoxifying agent if taken three hours after or one hour before the main meals. For better detoxification follow eight rules of diet correction available on my website

Watch your biorhythms

Do not switch to summer clothes, cold drinks and cold water too quickly, because this will drop internal body temperature and will result in diseases. Body biorhythms gradually shift from winter to summer, let nature take its time and don’t shift drastically to the summer lifestyle.

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