Detox Sessions for Better Health

We are swimming in an ocean of chemicals which affect the functions of liver, kidney and lungs. Human body naturally does detoxification on change of weather if it is in a perfect state of health. The current rat race has forced us to lead a mechanical lifestyle which chokes our system with loads of added chemicals. Detoxification along with SLP is helpful for cleansing blood, liver, kidneys, lymphatics, intestines and tissues.

At IHCC we do food, ionic, and frequency detox for physical and emotional body. Our youth is addicted to junk food and their electromagnetic devices, therefore need few sessions of detox monthly to work on their hormonal health. If you have gone through dental procedures, do come for at least five sessions of detox to clean your body from radiation, anaesthesia and drugs.

It is recommended that you get at least 5 sessions of detox at change of weather. Various detox are done for chronic diseases, allergies, obesity, skin diseases, sleep disorders, psychological disorders and drug detox.

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