Dr.Shagufta Feroz

SWIPE Entrainment Project

SWIPE Internship Project For Lifestyle Medicine

SWIPE First ever “Lifestyle Medicine Virtual Hospital” Managing, Healthcare, Training and Research

Dr. Shagufta Feroz, her experienced Lifestyle Medicine coaches, and internees handle all age group patients of various diseases. Patients are attached to SWIPE Program for minimum 3 months and their recovery rate varies between 50-80%.

This project is based on the principles of Circadian Rhythms, Homeostasis regulation and does Entrainment for disease reversal.
SWIPE is a Personalised Lifestyle Modification program equally beneficial for all age groups, acute/chronic ailments, and delays ageing process.

SWIPE Virtual Internship

SWIPE Virtual Internship is offering a comprehensive, flexible and practical way of getting acquaintance to all the competencies of LM including:

-A complete understanding of LM history taking and follow-ups
– Ethics of Group Medical Appointments (GMAs)
– Motivational interviewing and Coaching skills
– Inclusion of behavior change theories
– Root cause analysis
– Differential diagnosis
– Dealing with lapse and relapse patients
– Utilization of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
– Search and use of international evidence and research
– Data collection and research for validation of six pillars of SWIPE

SWIPE Internship is divided into the following two Categories:

1 -Fast Pace Internship:

– Eligibility: Medical and Allied health care professionals
– Duration of Internship – 3.5 months
– 110 hours of Lifestyle Medicine teaching

– Comprises of 10 days Extensive Teaching of LM philosophy, it’s pillars, a personalized lifestyle prescription, group discussions, and research projects & SWIPE(Synchronised Wellness Integrative Program for “ENTRAINMENT” By Dr.Shagufta Feroz)

– No CME credits

Fee Structure: 60,000 Pkr

2 -Routine Pace Internship:

Duration of internship – 3 months
– Pre-requisite- six months certification of LMPC from Riphah Institute of Lifestyle Medicine
– CME hours based
– 6 hours of w
eekly teaching activities 3 days per week. 

Fee Structure : 30,000 Pkr


Dr.Shagufta Feroz

Director Founder/Pakistan Foundation of Lifestyle Medicine-PALM Director Riphah Institute of Lifestyle Medicine-RILM,Riphah University

Dr.Shazia Ali

Deputy Director MBBs, Mphil, Phd,Pgd, Chpe
Cmt Phd Coordinator, Lmpc  Lm coach Medicine-RILM, Ripah University

Dr.Saima Umair

Assistant Director MBBS, MPH(UK),  LMPC,
 IBLM Lifestyle Medicine Specialist Joint Secretary PALM

SWIPE Internship 2024, Program Modules and Complete Scheduling:

General Outline :

The SWIPE Internship consists of both educational and practical aspects of Lifestyle Medicine. Its educational component consists of 60 hours virtual didactic material (36 hours of lectures and 24 hours of SWIPE case discussions) along with 66 hours of application activities designed to be completed during three months of internship. The practical aspect comprises of almost 300 lifestyle medicine related patient encounters, 36 hours of intensive therapeutic lifestyle change (ITLC) program experience and 6 hours of group medical appointments. It has the following modules:

Module 1        Introduction to lifestyle medicine and orientation  

Module 2         Provider`s Self-care and Influence on Community Wellness  

Module3         Nutrition in Chronic Disease: Prevention, Treatment, & Reversal 

Module 4        Physical Activity Science and Prescription  

Module 5        Sleep Health Science and Interventions  

Module 6        Substance Use Disorders: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment 

Module 7        Fundamentals of Health Behavior  Change

Module 8        The Role of Positive Psychology in Emotional/Mental Wellbeing

Module 9        SWIPE for healthy lifestyle – Personalized LM  

Module 10      SWIPE, Key Clinical Processes in Lifestyle Medicine  

Lifestyle Medicine approach in inpatient or outpatient clinical care settings300 patient encountersAddress the six pillars of lifestyle medicine in clinical care: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management/emotional resilience, substance abuse, and connectedness
Nutritional assessments and interventions40 patient encountersFood recall, nutrient analysis, Assessment of physical and biochemical markers by weight and abdominal girth measurement tools of SWIPE, and SWIPE personalized nutrition prescriptions (supported by Lab. Investigations where necessary)
Physical activity assessments and interventions40 patient encounters Exercise capacity assessments through detailed SWIPE history taking forms, and SWIPE exercise prescriptions
Emotional and mental wellbeing, sleep, and connectedness assessments and interventions40 patient encountersStress and sleep assessments, depression/anxiety/mental health screening, monitor , mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and emotional well-being activity SWIPE personalized prescriptions, and referral to resources
Cravings, Tobacco and toxic substance assessment, brief intervention, and referral training30 patient encountersSmoking assessments, chemical and toxic exposure, Craving`s assessments, Personalized prescriptions, screening and brief intervention, and indications for referral
Interpersonal and community communication skills, practice-based learning and improvement, systems based practice, and leadership in policy and communityNot designatedPublic relations campaigns, media campaigns, policy development and change, communication of risks vs. benefits, and family, and community engagement
Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (ITLC) programs36 hoursParticipation and observation in SWIPE personalized program for three months
Support or coaching group facilitation6 hoursGroup observation, recording, and facilitating – this may occur at the same time or separately from an ITLC program
Topic/ActivityWeekly happeningsTotal Hours
Didactic Recorded lectures35 lectures36 hours
Case Discussions/SWIPE Skills2 hours weekly*12 weeks(every Thursday or Saturday)24 hours
Journal club discussion1 hour weekly * 6weeks
(every alternate Friday)
6 hours
ITLC experience3 hours weekly*12 weeks(every Monday)36 hours
Group Medical Appointments (GMA) experience1 hour * 6 weeks(every alternate week)6 hours
Grand Total3months108 hours (110)
  1. Recorded lectures will be provided as daily content, with PowerPoint Presentations
  2. The primary language for delivering content will be English.
  3. A post-lecture activity or/and MCQs will be included at the end of each lecture and must be (as google form) completed and returned back at the provided email address. It is must for participants to complete independently within the mentioned time frame as it will be included in the final assessment.
  4. Complete scheduling of SWIPE extensive teaching along with the names of faculty members will be available to the participants.