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The Dashboard of a Human Car

A dashboard is a control panel placed in front of the driver of an automobile, housing instrumentation and controls for operation of the vehicle. Gauges such as a speedometer, tachometer(revolution counter), odometer (shows distance travelled) and fuel gauge, and indicators such as gearshift position, seat belt warning light, parking-brake-engagement. The human body also has a dash board but its gauges are spread all over the body. While driving a car we keep an eye on the dashboard to avoid accidents and malfunctioning of the engine. Same benefits we can get if we keep a check on the body’s dashboard. Speedometer and odometers are reflected in the nostrils, chest movement and breathing pattern. But the difference is that we keep an eye on a car’s dash board but we never look at our gauges conveying very important information and ultimately come across a fatal ending.

  1. You can judge fuel or energy reserves from facial expressions, skin color, and wrinkles. Forehead lines reflect the status of your gut, pigmentation on face indicates stress, grief, hormonal imbalance and a dysfunctional liver. Glow of facial skin is an indicator of optimum holistic health and slow aging of internal organs like liver, heart, kidney and brain. Facial expressions indicate state of mind.
  2. Eyes are windows through which you can assess the state of mind and soul. Sunken eyes indicate hyperactive liver and presence of chronic degenerative disorder in the body. Puffy upper lids show water retention, swollen lower eye border shows stomach dysfunction. Twitching of right eye shows abnormal alkaline body chemistry and left eye twitching shows stress and hyper liver. Chronic redness in eyes shows dysfunctional liver and overheating of the body. Drowsy, shrunken and drooped eyes indicate low B.P., low body temperature, low sugar and poor circulation to the head and neck area. Dull eyes again indicate low vitality, healthy eyes are sparkling and wide open. Frequent blinking of eyes tell about the stress in the body.
  3. Well-formed nostrils indicate proper oxygenation of blood. Deformed or distended nostrils indicate blocked sinus and improper breathing leading to oxygen deficiency in the body.
  4. Color of lips tells quality of blood, vertical lines on the lips indicate suppressed immunity and gut disorders.
  5. Double chin indicates water retention. Rounded jaw line indicates obesity and saggy facial muscles.
  6. Heavy upper body indicates acidic ph of body and heavy lower half of the body indicates hormonal imbalance, water retention, chronic stress, and wrong exercises.
  7. Heavy lower limbs indicate impaired blood and lymphatic circulation, water retention and lack of exercise or over exercise.
  8. Cracked heels indicate a stomach disorder and poor immunity. Deep cracks indicate serious immunity disorders.

Humans are blessed with an early disease warning sensors, giving various signals but we never listen to our body. Every disease has an incubation period which varies for acute and chronic diseases. During this period the battle between the pathogen and immune system is going on. The debris of this war are reflected on skin and various internal systems. The fast pace lifestyle and outer world commitments have totally disconnected us from the preventive health aspect of our holistic being.

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