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Unhealthy Youth

Unfortunately the most unhealthy people I see in my practice are the youngsters.They are holistically unhealthy. 90% are suffering from subconscious depressions or a hyperactive mind syndrome. This syndrome leads to disturb relationships, behavioral disorders, lack of trust in themselves, selfishness, fatigue and poor performance at home, college and work.

These youngsters are suffering from weight gain-weight loss syndrome, high cholesterol, high fasting sugar, disturb hormones, poor reproductive health, bad cardiac health and speedy mental aging. In order to live a balanced and successful life one has to live through an individual, collective and universal conscious. Collective conscious makes you think about the betterment of family, society and country.

You can not enter into two higher beings with a physical body which is not nature aligned. The most fearful element which I find is, that their lifespan is shortening. Remember holistically unhealthy person is of no use for the country and is easily captured by evil forces. These forces distort their believes and faith and make them fearful and insecure. Only then these youngster indulge themselves into drugs, drinks and now high-tech gadget. My request to all the youngsters is please try to slow down, focus on your lifestyle especially dietary habits and try to focus on 6-8hours of night sleep.Only then you can excel in your respective fields.

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