Dr.Shagufta Feroz

Unhealthy Youth

27 Years Of Experience

Whatever I have written here is the result of my 27 years of independent research, clinical experience and observation with children of all age group. I had also organized an interactive session with a group of about 30 children, age ranging from 13-20 years, once a week for 12 weeks. 

The objective was to learn more closely about adolescence problems.  Summary of that program was, none of the teens were happy with their parents and the life facilities. They wanted to achieve something in life with a poor clarity about that something . Following is a guideline to learn about your child and how to handle their age related issues

How to Identify that Your Teen is Holistically Unhealthy?

  1. Wants to spend less time with the family or wants to be alone.
  2. Wants to spend more time with friends and in outings.
  3. Preferring  junk food over  home cooked food.
  4. Academically starts showing poor performance.
  5. Starts bullying others or is bullied.
  6. Has become a late sleeper.
  7. Has become lethargic or fatigued.
  8. Has started losing weight or putting on weight in a disproportionate manner.
  9. Always unhappy with parents or other siblings.
  10. Is irritable and shows mood swings

How to Identify that Your Child is Carrying a Hyperactive mind?

Hyperactive mental syndrome is a state of body which develops as a result of multiple mineral imbalances, especially calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. Other important causative factor is that their blood oxygenation level is poor.

 In order to compensate for these deficiencies their mind is set in a race mode to get extra supply of nutrients and oxygen, but simultaneously their thought process is hyper-activated and mind starts wandering beyond the capacity of that teen.  

A child with hyperactive mind is always unhappy with the present life, lives in future or in the fantasy world and is restless physically. There are certain signs and symptoms which you can observe in a teen with a hyper-active mind.

Signs And Symptoms

  1. Poor immunity reflected in the form of  frequent allergies, asthma, eczema  and stomach disorders.
  2. Might suffer from high blood pressure.
  3. Weight imbalance.
  4. Quite but observant.
  5. Sleep disorders and  restless  nights.
  6. Are anxious and impatient.
  7. Suffers from insecurity, fears and phobias.
  8. Behaves more mature to their age.
  9. Though young but try to play their role in the well being of the family.
  10. Some of the adolescence think their parents are conservative and do not carry sufficient wisdom therefore they do not talk to them.
  11. Tries to involve themselves  into bigger issues of the family, society or even the country but do not focusing on the age relevant issues.


  1. Maternal factors  during pregnancy and post delivery.
  2. Formula milk fed babies.
  3. Poor infant care.
  4. Fed on processed or artificial foods in first two years of their life.
  5. Early age educational stress.
  6. Lot of expectations from the child regarding academic performance.
  7. Parental conflicts in presence of the child.
  8. Open discussion of family problems in front of the child.
  9. Over exposure to technology  in the form of  video games, cell phones, laptops and i-pads.
  10. Over exposure to TV and less outdoor activities.

Prevention and Management

  1. Focus on pre-conception and conception diet.
  2. Maximum focus on the child’s food during the first year of life.
  3. Do not forget the role of touch, hugging and story telling.
  4. Parents should never discuss their issues in front of the child.
  5. Till the age of five years do not put your child in the stress of becoming the best.
  6. Be their best friend and listen patiently to their every day story, do not correct them. Develop their confidence and guide them as need be.
  7. Ensure that the whole family takes dinner together and involve the children in productive discussions.

Most Unhealthy People

Unfortunately the most unhealthy people I see in my practice are the youngsters.They are holistically unhealthy. 90% are suffering from subconscious depressions or a hyperactive mind syndrome. This syndrome leads to disturb relationships, behavioral disorders, lack of trust in themselves, selfishness, fatigue and poor performance at home, college and work.

Youngster's Problems

These youngsters are suffering from weight gain-weight loss syndrome, high cholesterol, high fasting sugar, disturb hormones, poor reproductive health, bad cardiac health and speedy mental aging. In order to live a balanced and successful life one has to live through an individual, collective and universal conscious. Collective conscious makes you think about the betterment of family, society and country.

You can not enter into two higher beings with a physical body which is not nature aligned. The most fearful element which I find is, that their lifespan is shortening. Remember holistically unhealthy person is of no use for the country and is easily captured by evil forces. These forces distort their believes and faith and make them fearful and insecure. 

Only then these youngster indulge themselves into drugs, drinks and now high-tech gadget. My request to all the youngsters is please try to slow down, focus on your lifestyle especially dietary habits and try to focus on 6-8hours of night sleep.Only then you can excel in your respective fields.

Today I saw a girl of 13years weighing 102kg and having complaints of hormonal imbalance, piles, anemia, chronic headache, mild hypertension, sleep disorder, frequent nasal bleeding and a hyper-active mind.