Credentials and Achievements

• M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S (Family Medicine)
• Fellowship-Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, USA
• PhD (Holistic Nutrition) USA
• PhD (Integrative Medicine) USA
• Certified in Nutritional Wellness (American Naturopathic Certification Board)
• Certified ” Lifestyle Modification Tools ” Harvard University, USA
• Certified ” Leadership for Physician Executives” Harvard University, USA
• Member American College of Lifestyle Medicine
• Member European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation
• Member Asian Society Lifestyle Medicine
• NES Scan Certified(UK)
• Founder / CEO Integrative Holistic Care Centre
• Author of ” Living as Nature Intended “
• Founder of SLP–Synchronised lifestyle modification Program
• Director Riphah Medicine Program Riphah University
• President Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine

Professional Journey of Dr. Shagufta Feroz

Dr. Shagufta Feroz has been running a private Family Medicine practice since 1988. From her very early age she was passionate towards healing with nature, rather than drugs. Pursuing her passion, she specialized in Family Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She is the founder of the Synchronized Lifestyle modification Program-SLP and managing her patients through SLP for the past 16 years. Based on her independent research, she has authored a book on preventing, halting and reversing diseases through a personalised lifestyle modification titled as “Living as Nature Intended”.
After running a drug dependent clinic for 15 years, she identified the healthy lifestyle factors and their role in prevention, treatment and reversal of disease process.  This awareness forced her to gradually switch from drug dependent practice to a drug-less Integrative family medicine practice. Since 2003 she has been successfully managing wellbeing of a variety of patients utilizing the SLP Six Pillars. Up till now she had managed more than 50,000 patients of various ailments with SLP. Dr. Feroz is passionate to transform and groom the youth in terms of whole health. She frequently delivers lectures and conducts workshops in schools, colleges and universities. She is also a regular speaker at various national and international health forums, doctor forums, government training institutes, and military training institutes. She has participated in about
100 live TV health shows, and active at Social Media. In 2015 she spoke about “The role of a healthy lifestyle in
youth “ at TEDx Lahore. In 2017 LMEd Harvard University nominated her as their Pakistan’s Lifestyle Medicine Collaborator for three years, for the introduction of Lifestyle Medicine to doctors and for undergraduates training.

“SWIPE for HEALTH” (SLP) | Synchronised Lifestyle Modification Program

After about 10yrs of clinical practice Dr. Feroz started realizing that there are many missing keys for disease reversal in conventional medical system. Over a period of few years, she started to find the link between poor eating habits, sleep deprivation and stress in the causation of a chronic disease and speedy ageing. For 5-7 years She kept analyzing the relationship between the individual components of a lifestyle and their impact on various human systems, which lead to the birth of Synchronized Lifestyle Modification Program—SLP.

Over time SLP turned into a fully developed Lifestyle Modifying Program with six pillars which are,
1-SLP–8-Rules of Correct Eating
2-Nocturnal Sleep regulation
3-Personalised Physical activity
4-Personalised stress management
5-Management of various Addictions
6-Social Connections
Using her 8 rules of correct eating, she converts table foods into a medicine customized for the patient to heal.
SLP focuses on the restoration of the immunity, Microbiome health, circadian rhythms and homeostasis, by synching the external routine of that person with the ongoing internal biorhythms through an individualized SLP food plan.
The beauty of SLP is that is can be benefitted by the rich and poor alike, simply by optimizing intake of kitchen foods. It is found helpful for positive/preventive health, disease management and reversal of a disease process. In 2014 she realized that she was on the scientific tract of a new medical specialty called Lifestyle Medicine. Since 2015 she started following American College of Lifestyle Medicine. In 2017 Dr. Feroz appeared in first IBLM examination by ABLM in Tucson Arizona.

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