Integrative Cancer / Liver Clinic

This facility is for managing advanced cancer and hepatitis patients by SLP Protocol. It is a combination of various therapies like detox, ozone therapy, blood electrification, magnetic pulsar, colloidal silver, Rife frequencies, and TBSW generators along with a nutrient loaded SLP Food plan. The aims and objectives are to cure the root causes by improving digestion for formation of good quality blood, immunity enhancement, mind relaxation, liver rejuvenation, and homeostasis in internal environment. The outcome is cessation of inflammation leading to the disease process and its complications. In mild to moderate ailments after few months of getting treatment, reversal of disease starts happening. In terminal cancers and hepatitis, SLP Protocol helps improving patient’s quality of life. The treatment is composed of 20-30 days sessions spread over a duration of 2-3 months.

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