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Hawaii A Quantum Land

Hawai is a paradise on earth.

Hawaii is a land of blessings; I had a feeling that God loves this land more than any other part of the earth. In order to qualify the paradise title, land should have special characteristics, which this land has.

It has variety of fruits like papaya, pineapple, coconut, grapes, melons and mangoes which are match less in their sweetness.
Various types of vegetables, herbs and macadamias are part of their routine diet. Seafood is surplus; you see a lot of natural chickens roaming about freely. You can even hear roosters crowing at the break of dawn.

Hawaiian fabric has flowery and tribal patterns and is seen everywhere, even their security men wear Hawaiian shirts. A specific type of flower garland is presented to all incoming guests. A lot of beautiful coral and pearl jewelry is on display at all scenic sites.

Its eight islands are surrounded by the Pacific ocean and the land of Hawaii is also blessed with the world’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea, which is about 4460ft (measured from its base in the sea), even taller than Mount Everest. Hawaii was born as a result of volcanic activity and its volcanoes are still active. One of the islands still has the ancient indigenous Hawaiian tribes living there and is disconnected from this modern world; their secrecy and privacy is sacred to this state. Imagine the amount of wisdom they have which manifests itself through unbelievable feats like fishing for sharks with their bare hands. Hawaii has dense forests which include rain forests also. Multiple springs and waterfalls add to the beauty of this land.

While staying there, Hawaiian people try to teach you their native language which has only 12 letters and on leaving the island you are frequently using words like Aloha (welcome or greetings) and Mahaloa (bye) very comfortably.

A lot of educational institutes and the famous Hawaiian university are in Honolulu. It’s a centre of research especially for marine biologists who have one of the islands all to themselves. This island was also chosen by God for the introduction of Quantum medicine to physicists. These physicists were given the courage and wisdom to scientifically prove the link between the quantum universe and human body. This science proves the link between God and human life. I have got maximum satisfaction to my knowledge hunger in this conference.

Hawaiian people are very warm in their customs, helpful and good learners. They live in harmony with nature. One common message observed is ‘respect animals’. They imprint this message in their children from a young age. Birds are comfortable with and fearless of humans. This phenomenon was very awe inspiring for me, and I realized how much in harmony these people were for humans, birds and the animal kingdom as well.

The land of Hawaii teaches us the lesson of harmony with nature, love for humans and animal kingdom. They are happy and thankful people of planet earth, therefore blessed by God as well.

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